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Posted by moooo666 at May 12, 2007 1:53:31 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
we need some trophies for gunners in cades~ its bad enough that they some times dont get paid for gunning (b-naver doen't fire enough, or they board sit). so what i was thinking is like

chain shot (pic would be like one cb with a few chain links from it) for loading like 5000 cannons in blockades

skull shot (pic would be like a flaming skull, this could also make a good trinket) for loading like 10000 cannons in blockades

and have something like the tokens for number of guns loaded per segment, or round

oaken token of gunning (like other oakens) 30 guns loaded per segment (so 150ish round)

Seal of gunning (like others seals) 50 guns loaded per segment (250 per round)

guns salute (name due like 20 gun salute, but they should be loaded by the time this is explained) (this would look more like two guns (simmilar to golden cannon but smaller) faceing oposing directions on a podium \ / and would say 'loaded' insead of incredible)

token of gunning (same base with a normal cannon ball in it) for earning oaken like 5+ times

steel marble (like other marble base with cannon ball) for earning a seal of gunning 8+ times

guns loaded (a gun (or two) sitting on a base of cannon balls, powder, and wadding~ maybe even a skull shot in there) for earning the guns salute like 10+ times

i think this would help gunners feel less left out of cades

and peoples thoughs?
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