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Posted by DreadedChris at May 10, 2007 3:36:04 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread

I agree. We already have rewards for just sailing really well. The bilge trophies (i.e. crabs) don't have to be won with superior skill, although it's quicker to get them with higher skill.

Actually, they are harder to get with higher skill - people on the ultimate list take forever to get crab trophies because we bilge slower, with our pauses to think about bingo/donkey/vegas setups -- and because the timing works best with one clear ever 5-10 seconds, which is a long time comparitively. People with moderate skill get crab trophies best because they are doing small easy bingos and good doubles relatively quickly, moving a lot of blocks and so, a lot of crabs. I don't think any other puzzle has something that is easier for the moderately skilled player to get....

Still, I'd like to see counter-trophies for nice-set, grain-bonus, and masterpiece; for platforms cleared, and for bonus-blocks cleared.

(bonus-blocks... there's a moderate-skill counter. I think. I'm not actually sure what ultimate sailing looks like, but those of us sub-ult end up clearing a lot of bonus blocks just to make our boards manageable. I imagine ults either ignore them or use them in a combo but don't make wasteful single-clears of them... maybe.)

Guns already have a counter-trophy.
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