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Posted by bel_pirates at May 7, 2007 7:47:10 AM
Re: Version 5.1 in the works!
1) I have version 4.53. If I download the newest version, do I have to go enter all my data in again?

Unfortunately, yes, you will need to re-enter all of your values from the previous version. There's simply not a good way to keep values from one version to the next these days.

2) In my version on the Midnight Tax page, there are "Manual Values" listed. Why are they there? I assume I need to put some numbahs in?

The manual values are there as a holdover from earlier versions of the tool. If an item has a real tax value, the manual ones aren't used. For the geeks among us, the original reasoning follows.

There was a time when there was no tax value for some of the commods that are listed there. Each time something new is added to the economy (such as the gold cloth) or a new ocean starts up, there is a period where tax values aren't publicly available via the normal methods. To keep the tool functioning for people, I add those manual values in to estimate the tax for that commod. Once the tax values become available, they are pulled in via the standard refresh when you open the document and the manual values are ignored.

VLOOKUP takes the first matching value in a list, so if there is a manual tax value for Gold Cloth and no Gold Cloth in the auto-refresh tax data above, the manual value is used. Once it's listed in the refresh, the VLOOKUP functions grab the value from there and stop searching, thereby never finding the manual value.
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