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Posted by homullus at Jan 17, 2003 1:02:03 AM
So what to do?
So, now the Dastardly Dragons are selling themselves as the most democratic crew, which they aren't (we're all officers) and as the only one where everyone makes the same as their captain, which they aren't (we all make the same here too), or as the only ones interested in getting to know their people (seems as though all of us are like that, at least in the administration of the crews . . . it's certainly a reason behind the Dark Tide, and the Dastards' forum-posting requirement for officer-hood). Both the Dastards and we have a larger problem, if you can call it that, with casual players in the roster. The Dragons are still small, but as they're growing, I've noticed that while they still sail together a great deal, it's the SAME people sailing, not the new ones. So that may be a fact of life. The main obstacle I see to us expanding more is the maps and the trust that goes with them . . . word of mouth is bringing in more and more casual players, and with that, more and more folks who have nothing to lose by stealing from the crew they join first. So while I am really, really fond of the idea of letting everyone be an officer, so it isn't always the same people (I'm thinking selfishly) navigating, it's already come back to haunt us. If personal map-books or personal memory (per character) ever happens, we will be much better off. Should we just make maps a personal thing, where everyone who wants to sail has to provide their own? They aren't THAT expensive (a few good plundering trips would cover it), and it gets us back to making everyone an officer . . . and nobody can rip us off, then.

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