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Posted by sekullbe at Apr 22, 2004 8:40:20 AM
Re: Are there any games similar to the Battle Nav puzzle?
Battle nav reminds me very much of the board game "Broadsides and Boarding Parties" (see ).

It was a nice game with large plastic sailing ships with removable masts, cannons and crew. Two ships dueled with cannon before boarding and battling it out.

You moved your ship by playing cards from your hand three at a time, then all three orders would be executed on the map. If your ship lost one of its 3 masts you had to play a "damage" card each turn so you got fewer actions. Very similar to RoboRally.

Shooting the other ship could knock out crew, cannon, or masts, or could hole the hull. Too much hull damage and you sank, but usually you'd shoot the other guy up and board- then you'd move your crew around on a grid on the two ships to resolve the combat.

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