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Posted by moonkissed at Sep 12, 2011 12:07:01 AM
2 great events, One low price! Rotating IO and SMH!
In honor of Dtslywolf who is taking a break from PP - Hope you come back soon!

Wednesday @ 6:00 pm game time

Argosy will be hosting a rotating IO where everyone will have a chance to bnav. Each person on board will be able to bnav for 3 turns. Person bnavving when the IO sinks will win a sloop.

Nightys SMH

Nightshade will be hosting an SMH @ 6:00 pm on Thursday - With lots of great prizes and trivia while waiting on the SMH to load. When in, Incredibles on station will get an additional pressie.

For Full Details check out Nightshades Tailoring Stall on Salstrum Rock!

You only have to bring yourself and your puzzling abilities!
Nightshade on the Meridian Ocean
Captain of Immortal Pirates
Princess of Argosy

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