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Posted by etieti at Nov 30, 2010 12:00:04 PM
Ships! Who still want some?!?
OK time to sell more and more again!

Sloops : 16 dubs (except exceptions)
Adaptable Guppy (20 dubs) (Painted Maroon and tan)
Cheap Bream (23 dubs) (Painted Black/White/Tan)
Cheerful Bullhead
Elegant Pickerel (27 dubs) (Painted grey and fully gold gilded guns and Nav Wheel!)
Famous Halibut
Fatty Sardine
Flipped-out Salmon
Honest Haddock
Old-Fashionned Marlin
Rude Hagfish (25 dubs) (Fully Painted White and Lime!)
Simple Muskellunge
Sluggish Shiner
Talktative Tench

Ghost Sloop : (50 dubs)
Spooky Sawfish

Dhow : (25 dubs each)
Conceited Sprat
Inexpensive Mackerel
Short Pollack

Longship : (35 dubs)
Strong Rudd (Ideal for outposts!)

Merchant Brig : (Looking for 42 dubs each / Lots of fruits on them!)
Heartless Rudd
Helpful Gar
Passionate Haddock

Baghlaw : (34 dubs each) (Ideal for big profits pilly!)
Poor Bluegill
Tall Herring
Unworried Bream

War Brig : (35 dubs each!) (Yeah not joking! Very Very Cheap!)
Adaptable Tigerfish
Coarse Catfish
Handsome Blowfish
Hard Muskellunge
Proper Sild
Tall Carp
Ugly Plaice
Uninhibited Alewife

Xebec : (40 dubs each) (Ideal Storage ship!)
Half Tench
Ugly Tigerfish

Bulk Price is 888 dubs!

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I can negociate a bit on single buy ships!

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