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Posted by Marisopel at Feb 19, 2012 10:16:52 AM
[Avatars&Art] Chibis for Poker Chips
Doing commissions seems like a great way to rustle up some poker dough. c:

***For more examples, scroll down to the posts***


Basic Full body:
Pretty self explanatory.

Woo hoo.
The size will always be around girth, give or take a couple pixels.
Cost: 60k

Basic Bust:

Size will be 150x150 pixels, full sized (as pictured above) will also be included.
Cost: 40k

Dolls: tba

I'll be charging extra for anything that deems, well, extra.
Trinkets (full body only)
Any injury (hooks and pegs, full body only)
Any hand held item (full body only)

Cost: 5k each
I'm charging extra because these are all things that are a pain to pixelate. :c
You can choose to opt out.

Pricing : Now, I understand this is a bit extravagant, but these things take some time (and patience!) to draw. However, I'm also open for trades that are equalish to the price value.
So, what I'm taking is poe, doubloons, and pretty much anything. c: You're getting what you paid for, definitely.

Order form: please post here
Name: (goes where you see "example")
Portrait link: (for basics)
Extras: (injury, hats, fams, pets)
Other details I should know: (anything extra extra you want, like color changes, hair, eyes, 2k charged on this) Or just info. c:

Under a week, after I receive payment, or it's free.

Finish: Hazelsworn

Slots: [0/2]

Happy Shopping!

Montmorency on Viridian.

Chibis for Poker Chips [Avatars&Art]
Reserve the right to withdraw.

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