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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 780547 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 509181 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Server Status
Please see [url=http://www.puzzlepirates.com/status.xhtml] ...
Lizthegrey 2138 618306 May 19, 2020 3:25:08 AM
by Jonneyy  Last Page
"I've been banned/suspended!" - What should I do?
This thread is for those who have been banned from the game and are unsure on what to do, ...
Lizthegrey 0 77589 Nov 21, 2006 12:28:25 AM
by Lizthegrey  Last Page
Box Edition
Hi, I just installed the box edition of the game and it doesn't work. It says that temporary ...
On_The_Rocks 173 107699 Dec 17, 2019 6:01:25 AM
by wrs1864b  Last Page
Update your Java installation today!
LJAmethyst 85 91673 Sep 21, 2018 6:42:28 AM
by LJAmethyst  Last Page
How to reduce/eliminate lag and choppy gameplay
These are a few things which [u]should[/u] help if you are experiencing lag or choppy graphics. ...
Artemis 77 110179 Apr 22, 2018 4:33:26 PM
by Goodwill100  Last Page
Steam Overlay And Purchaes
I have come across a problem that Steam Overlay will not work for me. I have tried many ...
Jon1987 30 24093 Mar 13, 2018 8:29:53 PM
by Ingvild  Last Page
Metropolis Contest and Island Editor solutions (aka "missing getdown.txt" error)
[size=1][Edit: 08/15/2005 New easy to use fix for Windows users. Left old instructions for people ...
emerson 334 173551 Jun 11, 2012 10:55:39 AM
by Marleen191  Last Page
How to provide logfiles
[b]Windows Instructions:[/b] Click on Start, then on Run... Enter: C:\Program Files\Three Rings ...
Lizthegrey 38 71521 Nov 20, 2008 12:43:27 AM
by Demeter  Last Page
Blurry and Discolored! Trouble on New Laptop
My friends- Has anyone else bought a brand new laptop (Windows) and had difficulty getting YPP ...
Drover4 1 244 Oct 14, 2020 8:34:42 PM
by LJAmethyst  Last Page
Puzzle Pirates Steam - Can't Get Past "Loading Media"
So I recently decided to retry Puzzle Pirates with some friends, and I've got my account linked to ...
Traslogan 5 7908 Sep 29, 2020 7:03:11 PM
by Rolok  Last Page
Broken drop-down menu's
Hey, In my game, every dropdown menu is broken. I can click on them, and the correct options ...
olaffiej 1 1218 Sep 23, 2020 11:02:43 PM
by olaffiej  Last Page
Repeated PP:DS client closures
I'm currently having a big issue with my dark seas client where it closes (disconnecting me) ...
superstarsam 22 11060 Sep 6, 2020 2:58:55 PM
by Discflicker  Last Page
4K Screen Mouse Issue!
Good Afternoon All! I'm here today searching for some help/advice. I recently moved over to a ...
Ehdoc 1 778 Aug 26, 2020 9:32:24 PM
by LJAmethyst  Last Page
Forum Account Problem
I logged off last night, powered down my computer and went to bed. When I got on today I had ...
Phaerie2 1 1029 Aug 21, 2020 7:42:27 PM
by LJAmethyst  Last Page
Rumble: Controls are Backward
I've noticed in the past 2 days of playing that the controls for Rumbling are switched. So now I ...
Kristenrae 2 1069 Jul 30, 2020 12:00:49 PM
by Kristenrae  Last Page
Screen Size
I am using a Mac 15' and I changed my screen resolution on ypp to way bigger than my screen on ...
coolkid989 19 20507 Jul 15, 2020 7:09:39 PM
by Jeagles7  Last Page
Screen Size TOO BIG!
i was messing with my screen size to try and get it as big as possible without quite being ...
Monkeyduzi 6 4052 Jul 15, 2020 7:08:51 PM
by Jeagles7  Last Page
HTTP not found
I accidently updated JAVA trying to get something else on my computer to work, after doing so my ...
gangrel_27 2 2419 Jun 25, 2020 8:54:27 AM
by Forevever  Last Page
Banned from PP?
After I got my new computer, it showed I had to log into Puzzle Pirates using Steam so I went to ...
BrighidRaven 16 3337 Jun 23, 2020 8:33:17 AM
by Demeter  Last Page
[SOLVED] Can't get the game to work from PP website or Steam, HELP!?
Hello! I made a discussion topic about it, on steam forums as well.. The game won't run on steam ...
Achericon 2 3210 May 6, 2020 11:21:23 AM
by gangrel_27  Last Page
Two instances on mac?
Just got a new mac and starting to play ypp again. How do I open two windows of ypp at the same ...
PirateYoHo90 2 2467 May 3, 2020 10:32:39 AM
by PirateYoHo90  Last Page
Unable to login to Y!PP through Steam?
Hi! I've recently downloaded Steam and tried logging in to make sure it all works for when Dark ...
hiohjiggyoh 8 5531 Apr 26, 2020 10:47:07 AM
by jeffdanger  Last Page
Java Update April 2020
The latest java update fried my PP install. Desktop shortcut no longer valid and the exe file ...
Phaerie2 1 2207 Apr 16, 2020 12:25:23 PM
by patgangster  Last Page
March 2020 Spring Green Mystery Box - Round Table Furniture
The newest Spring Green Boxes are awarding the old Round Table that you can buy at the shoppe, ...
Dynasty666 0 2307 Mar 15, 2020 11:20:47 AM
by Dynasty666  Last Page
Unable to Download game
Hello, I recently bought a new Desktop, and I am unable to download Puzzle Pirates on it. When I ...
Collaborate4 1 2915 Feb 15, 2020 9:23:43 PM
by Collaborate4  Last Page
Authentication fail via steam
Having trouble logging in via steam. Its letting me use the steam provided account but not my old ...
surfmaster 1 2785 Jan 30, 2020 4:20:05 AM
by Kyogres  Last Page
Impossible Nav Board
I got this trying to dnav while evading. It just... never spawned a constellation. Had already ...
Jackingg 1 2825 Jan 28, 2020 2:19:43 AM
by Kyura94  Last Page
trouble with final step of installing puzzle pirates on linux
although the yppedia page is extremely outdated, i somehow was able to install it onto my linux ...
Bummin 22 5689 Dec 16, 2019 9:09:12 AM
by Bummin  Last Page
Bug report
Yes, I know I'm supposed to be using the /bug command. But for some reason, it's not working, ...
xelto 1 2895 Dec 13, 2019 8:41:36 PM
by Crazymg  Last Page
Mac Client Issues--Can't click certain things?
Since downloading YPP on my MacBook Air for the first time about a year ago, I have not been able ...
hiohjiggyoh 2 14350 Sep 22, 2019 8:47:55 AM
by hiohjiggyoh  Last Page
Keyboard Rumble Problem with Mac OS Mojave
Anyone else having a problem when using the Z and X keyboard keys in rumble on a Mac running ...
Threehundred 11 15872 Sep 22, 2019 8:46:17 AM
by hiohjiggyoh  Last Page
Installing Media Stuck ?
Currently downloading the client on steam and everytime It's almost done downloading it gets stuck ...
Kyerio 0 8054 Jul 31, 2019 12:27:03 PM
by Kyerio  Last Page
4K DPI aware not working
Hey folks, So I've upgraded to a 4K monitor lately due to my old 1440p biting the dust, and I ...
Traslogan 0 7704 Jul 31, 2019 11:06:04 AM
by Traslogan  Last Page
No create new pirate button?
Hello, I haven't played in years and wanted a fresh start. However in the downloaded client I can't ...
Danyael 6 6659 Jul 16, 2019 5:34:59 AM
by wrs1864b  Last Page
Decided to try plan b, having issues getting the pp client to work.
I've had numerous petitions with oms on getting my pp client to work again, instead of using steam. ...
Scottays 5 6126 May 28, 2019 8:48:00 AM
by noworries  Last Page
DPI Upscaling 200% From 1080 to 4k No Longer Works After Update
Hi, I haven't logged on for a little over a week, and after logging on and updating the game ...
benlie 16 12460 Apr 27, 2019 11:33:23 PM
by rlpowell  Last Page
Game/Window Size on Linux*
Hi. Recently, I've ditched my Windows OS and switched over to FreeBSD. Annoyingly, the Linux ...
Heidschnucke 2 5455 Apr 12, 2019 12:47:41 PM
by Threehundred  Last Page
What is your plan Grey Heavens
So what is your plan now the internet browsers are not supporting java plugin. What is the fix ? I ...
Brocket3 5 6210 Mar 12, 2019 9:05:33 PM
by Thunderbird  Last Page
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