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Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 6 660141 Jun 14, 2021 9:24:16 AM
by Demeter  Last Page
Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 1020984 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Read Before Posting: Forum Etiquette & Posting Guidelines
Prior to posting, we ask that you take a few moments to review these guidelines. Following these ...
Amphitrite 1 41860 Jul 20, 2006 7:44:30 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Need Help Searching? Got a New Suggestion? Ask a Poster!
This is the place to come to, if you need help in finding a particular thread or discussion OR if ...
Smurrf 3675 558816 Feb 10, 2021 2:24:05 AM
by patgangster  Last Page
Item and Trophy Suggestion Threads
In our brave new world of multiple sticky threads, it seemed prudent to consolidate our previous ...
Hermes 1 31707 Mar 13, 2011 3:00:36 PM
by Faulkston  Last Page
Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Old Salts, reset Old Salt skill levels?
Ahoy! Getting back into it after a decade away, and I notice every single island bot I run ...
Perlandria 2 313 Nov 24, 2021 6:45:19 PM
by pash2101  Last Page
A real discussion on YPP Poker
There's a lot of discussion around the topic of whether YPP Poker is rigged. What is everyone's ...
moredubskk 5 324 Nov 23, 2021 9:32:14 PM
by farmboy236  Last Page
Minor Charms
Hi, Just wanted to make a quick post here. Is it a possibility that Charms you win out of a 10k ...
Croceye 6 327 Nov 21, 2021 10:09:16 PM
by Scottays  Last Page
A request to change the 2022 LE ship releases
Hello I would like to thank Grey Havens for releasing LE ships again as its something that isn't ...
Scottays 2 289 Nov 18, 2021 4:07:29 AM
by mumpsimus  Last Page
Vampire Pets
Can we please have a new pet from the Vampire expedition? Gargoyles would be cool similar to how ...
mumpsimus 22 815 Nov 16, 2021 12:25:55 PM
by pash2101  Last Page
Trade Chat Defaults when Changing Scene
When you change scene from another the screen briefly goes blue and your chat goes to trade by ...
mumpsimus 2 264 Nov 13, 2021 3:19:15 PM
by Acarrao  Last Page
Vampire Booty Division / Booty Division Tweaks
[b]Current Issues[/b] [list] [*]Everyone gets the same share from Vampire lairs regardless of ...
mumpsimus 2 395 Nov 10, 2021 9:01:37 AM
by ricotta08  Last Page
Stop Releasing the Same Furniture in Concurrent Boxes!
Dear OM, Please stop releasing the same furniture in both Black Boxes AND in Vampire ...
Drover4 1 358 Nov 5, 2021 9:02:09 AM
by Cronus  Last Page
Vampire reliquaries and sanctums
Just informing you I like both ideas but here's the problem. Will there be trophies for these ...
Scottays 2 401 Nov 2, 2021 2:56:53 PM
by Scottays  Last Page
Another Fray/Expo Idea: Leprechaun
Fray: Leprechaun Puzzle: Drinking Drinking Fray: A large fray with group of players drinking to ...
mumpsimus 1 736 Oct 24, 2021 11:12:38 PM
by blackishroze  Last Page
Black Box Suggestions
[size=3][b]I feel like the blackbox needs a new release. [/b][/size] The last one (Series 6) is ...
pash2101 9 1186 Oct 22, 2021 6:03:10 PM
by xelto  Last Page
Returning life to the game @Crabbythekid
Needless to say, Emerald is our last chance. When we had 6 [i]real[/i] oceans (Midnight, Cobalt, ...
Captpogchamp 7 1055 Oct 22, 2021 2:02:25 AM
by tulee3  Last Page
Touch Screen UI
Is it possible to bring back the touch screen UI for Windows Tablets and others devices that are ...
mumpsimus 1 570 Oct 19, 2021 4:13:11 PM
by xelto  Last Page
Another Fray/Expo Idea: Gargoyles
Fray: Gargoyles Puzzle: Rumble Fray: Only appear naturally when it is night time in Y!PP ...
mumpsimus 0 725 Oct 18, 2021 10:39:09 PM
by mumpsimus  Last Page
Halloween Mask Addition: Vampire Hats
Can we please [b]add both the Vampirate Bandana hat and the Vampirate Hat[/b] to the palace shoppe ...
mumpsimus 1 548 Oct 14, 2021 7:01:54 AM
by Jcmorgan6  Last Page
years on break and still the same issues
after recently returning to the game i have noticed that the exact same things we was yelling for 5 ...
spareone 1 759 Oct 14, 2021 5:30:44 AM
by mumpsimus  Last Page
Poker Limits
As you know, YPP poker has been exactly the same since the time of its release. There have been ...
Polynomial3 0 2079 Oct 10, 2021 12:44:27 PM
by Polynomial3  Last Page
Community Suggestions
Ahoy! Since a lot of people have been asking for patches that improve the quality of the game, I ...
pash2101 4 1065 Oct 3, 2021 2:37:07 PM
by ForumAlts  Last Page
Please Update Gems~
Ahoy! Gems were always considered "rare" commodities but I feel were never utilized ...
Seller5 6 713 Sep 28, 2021 11:02:39 AM
by Yasmi6  Last Page
Vampirate Voyages Idea Solution
Thanks Crabby for adding in the trophies, much appreciated. Just a couple of questions regarding ...
Scottays 0 536 Sep 18, 2021 5:01:12 PM
by Scottays  Last Page
Credit where credit is due.
Nice work on the MAA Select / Deselect buttons. Its appreciated.
MajorLemon 2 660 Sep 17, 2021 7:33:13 AM
by Taskbeta  Last Page
Addition to YPP Suggestion
Ahoy, Aye have a suggestion with development of the game. An idea of Two types of pirates ...
ovoxo2 2 629 Sep 16, 2021 8:46:13 PM
by ovoxo2  Last Page
Ice Hatted Parrots 2022 or Booched 2021
I am very happy to see more Hatted Parrots introduced this year! One color we have not seen since ...
Drover4 2 558 Sep 12, 2021 12:15:52 AM
by mumpsimus  Last Page
Suggestion for a new familar (is this the right place?)
There should be an iguana familar. I personally own an iguana and he sits on my shoulder all day ...
z0mbydude 74 18880 Sep 11, 2021 9:21:31 AM
by andrew121664  Last Page
Greater Variety of Limited Edition Furniture
Hi there, It would be amazing to include a wider variety of Furniture items that are released ...
Nautiman 0 518 Sep 9, 2021 10:26:40 PM
by Nautiman  Last Page
Subscriber/Dub Buyer Tiers
I have been playing a lot of Minecraft recently on skyblock servers and some packages work well ...
mumpsimus 2 481 Sep 4, 2021 9:22:36 AM
by mumpsimus  Last Page
New hair options?
Hey, I watched a stream and saw that greedy pirates had a lot of different hairstyles and hats. ...
pash2101 13 1569 Aug 21, 2021 10:25:59 PM
by blackishroze  Last Page
a fam for skellies/zombies
hey all. i was thinking on how to make the undead frays more interessteing again. a ''bat'' ...
Kaizokage 6 1191 Aug 21, 2021 12:48:46 PM
by Kaizokage  Last Page
Allow Chromas to be used on Furniture (Or have a new chroma for furniture)
Title says it all basically. Either allow Chromas to be used on furniture so we can make other ...
mumpsimus 2 653 Aug 11, 2021 4:30:34 PM
by RonenOsden  Last Page
HS Graveyard Spawn
Hello, Is there any possibility you could change the graveyard spawn from an Ethereal Brig to a ...
MajorLemon 6 766 Aug 7, 2021 3:23:51 PM
by patgangster  Last Page
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