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Joined: Nov 9, 2003
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navy bots sometimes display startling incompetence Reply to this Post
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When Loots settled Jorvik, the first thing we did
after inn and bazaar and bazaar were put in
was to build us a palace, not so much for Squid
as to give us a way to get back to Diamond
Wrong Hagfish, Piranha, staffed by hired men,
oh yes, and the cutter, Cool Ling.

In those halycon days we had few enough boats
but the ones that we had served us well
if you missed your first ship, well, alas, so it motes
for another'd arrive on the swell
and as trade increased, so we added more help
for the well-oiled cutter Cool Ling.

It seems 'round this time that the fresh and the green
started sizing up navy for fights
and 'mongst Looterati it quickly was seen
that this stalwart was first in their sights.
Full often whisked I with my flagmates, swords drawn,
to defend navy cutter Cool Ling.

And to this I attribute the curious change
in our dear ship's demeanor and gait.
For the enp-pees aboard with behavior most strange
have conspired to defy their fate.
O citizens of Midnight, come look for yourselves
at the state of the cutter Cool Ling.

Full damage, full bilge, and just waiting to sink
if you want my opinion I certainly think
the intention's just that, plunge her into the drink,
earn our mutinous bot her pegleg.

Studious Olive, the captain, barks "Sails!"
Dashing Jarom and poor Jones exchange /tells
Grizzled Jodi, always a bit touched, chews on nails
And the cutter drifts cursedly on.

Perhaps the mot'vation was Starhawk Gandhi
preaching passive resistance against PvP
or as I have noted lust for injury
or simply desire to make history
as the swabs who rebelled against Squid.

I haven't the heart to try ordering them off
for fear that they might rearrange.
The practical pirate may sniff, yes, and scoff
but I hope that they forever range
full of damage and bilge and defiance and hope
'board the noblest cutter, Cool Ling.
Pokeytax on Malachite
Pokey on Midnight
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Joined: Mar 6, 2004
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Re: navy bots sometimes display startling incompetence Reply to this Post
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Ohh, the slowest navy ship! A perfect place to boil crabs.

Please, don't fix it :-)
Re: Market on Scurvy Reef:
Hypnos wrote: 
I didn't realize it was such a hot forage spot until I dropped it and three pirates showed up on the island in quick succession.
And it wasn't even 9 spaces from the arrow :-).
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