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Joined: May 14, 2002
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Who can match the skills of Teal? Reply to this Post
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First and foremost, a hearty thanks to those of you who sailed with me last eve! Our daring crew brought low several brigs, not by relying on the crutch of superior numbers, but by nerve, skill, steel and superior fashion sense!

However, when all was said and done, and the booty was tallied, (total: lots) I happened to glance at the Board of Record, and what did I notice? The top bilger? Teal! The top sailor? Also Teal! The top navigator? What ho! Teal again!

Could it be that the Conquistador of Teal is unchallenged in all seafaring skills? Ursela and Duncan acknowledged this, and gave fitting tribute: Nice pants. Others merely expressed their quiet admiration for my truly dominating mastery of all that makes a seagoing pirate great. Har.

But, it is not enough. So, be warned! All ships that sail the lines between Alpharr and Papaya will hereby be subject to the "You Are An Inferior Pirate" tax. Excise vessels will fly the Teal flag, and will punish any failure to comply with cannon and cutlass! Yarrrrr!

(Note: Boasting is also a great and respected piratical tradition, so don't get salty knickers! Arr.)
It's seven leagues to Turtle Island. We've got a full cask of rum, half a keg of gunpowder, it's dark, and we're wearing eyepatches. Hit it.
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Joined: Jul 2, 2002
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Walk ye planks! Reply to this Post
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To the Quesadilla of Teal:

Methinks ye may have "slightly" overboasted yeself; remember that many a pirate ghost (bug) still lurk in the ratings. We only traded pants with ye, because we knew that ye were the only pirate drunk enough to wear them in public. They will make a fine flotation device for you and ye crew! In fact, I'd bet my second eyepatch that The Dastards never fall to your tariff. You and your crew will flee under yer hatches when we unleash our secret weapon upon ye!

(Note: This post is also in the respected pirate tradition of boasting. Ramirez is a fine pirate, and we are lookin' foward to the time when he joins The Dastards. 'Tis not far off now...)
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Joined: Jul 1, 2002
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Re: Who can match the skills of Teal? Reply to this Post
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I first want to set the record straight... In no way were we "paying tribute" with those pants... we simply purchased them and offered them as a trade... as it would add nicely to your rediculously teal attire. And they're not Pants... they're PANTALOONS! (that must make you Pantaloony! :o)

as for your accomplishments, I might remind you that while you may be on top for now, you will not be so forever, and you are also very sorely lacking in experience in many areas... also... how be yer sword? care to take part in our swordfighting tournament and find out?

but is doing "things" and being good at everything enough? There are strange tales afoot in the waters these days. I hear it told of a teal clothed Lass... who wanders the seven seas... in search of what? no one really knows...

but alas, I fear she may be only a legend, or a myth...

or is she...?
--Ursela, Captain of the Dastards
... and a few others ...
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Joined: Oct 3, 2002
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Bravo Reply to this Post
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Haha! I heartily enjoyed your boasting Teal, especially the "inferior pirate tax." Ye truely be a master sailor now, no seafarer can pick bones with you on that account, but beware: yer sword still swings slow in the alphar archiapelago.
jacquilynne wrote:
"And if you don't love pirates, well, what do you love?"
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