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Going through the Paces Reply to this Post
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As this game is intent on hiding numbers and scores, I was very surprised to see a "paces" counter for the islands. It essentially exposes the underlying coordinate system, something that had been very artfully hidden. It also seems a little clumsy-- who describes a grid system with "northwest by northeast" and not "north by east"? I imagine it's in place so that pirates can inspect plots of land for building. I'm not sure it's something that every pirate needs to see all the time.

So, suggestions, some of which are independent, some of which conflict.
  • ]Make the display of paces a configurable option, like sounds effects and (the default for) seeing pirate names floating.
  • ]Scale pirate steps by 1/sqrt(2) and adjust the coordinates to "north by east". (That is, N = NE+NW and E = NE-NW).
  • ]Rotate magnetic north by 45 degrees on our game screen.
  • ]Handle "1 paces" elegantly.
  • ]Only show "paces" (or, for that matter, "meters" to match the metric in ships' holds) when at an island map at a desk at a realty office. Realtors can draw up lots (and use the word "cadastral" a lot) which appear graphically to those who need to buy, build, or find 'em.
  • ]Allow only those pirates carrying theodolites to see paces. (Theodolites make lousy, fragile swords.)
  • ]Surveying puzzle!
    Not sure I like all of these, but it's a place to start.
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