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I'm excited to say that thanks to the puzzling of clever riddle-breakers, it has been revealed that the next release will bring Atlanteans to Puzzle Pirates!

As prophesied by Cleaver last year, this will be the first toe-hold of powerful and exotic Sea Monsters in the Puzzle Pirate oceans. These first outposts of the great civilization of Atlantis will offer new excitement and rare treasure for the brave crews who seek their plunder on the battle board. They are also a taste of more things to come, as we hope to expand on the format with greater depth and different themes in the future, as we explore deeper into the forbidding waters beyond the ken of mere mortal pirates!

We'll also require Ice testing on this release, but we are endeavoring to retain the thrill of discovery for the winners of the conch contests and their crews. To that end, we'll initially be offering Atlantean maps on Ice only to conch-holders. However, we will need more testing than just the ships of conch-holders, so on a subsequent Ice release we'll open up map access on Ice to a larger range of testers.
What we will be keeping secret is the special booty and the exact look of the Atlanteans and their contingent. The Ice releases will contain blacked-out silhouettes of the Sea Monsters themselves, as well as their various contextual additions, preserving the full discovery for those first intrepid crews to enter the battle board on public oceans.

So now, beyond mere pillaging, your new mission is to explore these strange new waters, encounter new civilizations and sack them for all they're worth, discover new life and avoid being eaten by it, and battle your way to wealth and glory. For there are riches in abundance hidden by the deep, and the Atlanteans have had a thousand years to find them and shape them to their will. Good luck, my pirates.... here be monsters.
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