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Joined: Apr 29, 2003
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Attention all Traitors, I mean Traders! Reply to this Post
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I thought maybe a new thread where shop keepers could post what they need.
Jacks Potions is in need of dark green herbs at the moment.

I am also in need of a recipe for white dye. Seems like I can only make blue, red, green and yellow. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am thinking of opening a hair styling salon next door and will also dye hair red, yellow, blue or green just to keep the cash flow going. Har....that part was just a joke to see if ye were reading along.

So on this 28 day of May, I need green, and will soon need yellow herbs. I am stocked up with the blue, so that can wait.

Still hanging 10 through life and looking for the endless summmer.
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Joined: May 20, 2003
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Bob And Weave (under new management) Reply to this Post
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HEMP -if you be wanting your fancy clothes, then be getting off your butts and collect me some Hemp

I know some of you be thinking you wasting your time as the profit be low, but I do you a deal if you have a decent amount and i'm not busy (when I in my shop or standing around dock gossiping be the not busy times).

I've restricted the amount of dyes I buy at present, but plan to increase that ammount when Uzi makes more or profit allows.

Green and White dyes be rare at present it seems, so if you plunder any them then they always be welcome.
Vixen - Captain of The Black Widows.
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