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Joined: May 13, 2003
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With a few or more officers on board a ship all scurryin' over to buy up commodities on the islands we stop by, I find meeself ready to pull me hair out tryin to figure out how much we spent on which commodity and who did the buying of it.

When ye inspect the hold, on the Inventory Management menu, ye see which commodities ye have, and the quantity mass and volume of 'em. What ye don't see is how much ye payed for 'em. If ye bought iron 3 different times, for example, at 3 different prices, it could show three seperate lots of it instead of 1. For example:

Iron Quantity- 8 Mass-xx Volume-xx Purchase Price-10
Iron Quantity- 10 Mass-xx Volume-xx Purchase Price-11
Iron Quantity- 5 Mass-xx Volume-xx Purchase Price 12

That way when ye go to sell it all for 13, ye know better what kind of profit ye'll be making.

Secondly, I think it would be helpful if there be some way to make a Transaction Log of every purchase and sale made by an officer, for each ship. Nothing fancy, just a simple log of what was bought/sold and by whom. Maybe there could be a button for it on the Buying and Selling Commodities menu. If ye could have it autowipe the logs, like maybe keep records only for a couple of days or so, at least it would give the officers/captain some look at who be buying what.

If there be any other suggestions on how we can keep track of how much was payed for commodities, let's hear 'em.
Jewel, First Mate of the Yellow Jackets
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A ship's log is already planned. It's on The List.

-Avatar by AlexisAngel-
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