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Controlling your privateers Reply to this Post
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I didn't get me a shop, but while waiting for the result, I was thinking about good ways of running one.
Very quickly those thoughts turned to more shady ways of ensuring market dominance...

If I was running the clothes emporium on Alpha, I would be very pleased that pirates had a darn hard time even getting to my competitor on Turtle. But knowing it probably wouldn't last, I'd be thinking about hurting his business.

Now the simplest way would be constantly outbidding him on produce.
But the next - and more fun - would be hiring players to hit vessels trying to get materials or customers to his shop.
Unfortunately there's no way of hiring privateers, that's not entirely based on trust. Pay up front or have them trust you. And no way of controlling that they actually pillage where you want them - or at all.

Contracts are being discussed elsewhere. The simplest way of controlling the whereabouts of your hired privateers, would be a simple screenshot feature, with a built in time- and place-stamp (ie. 3rd leg, Turtle to Alpha, 3.45 MainPirateyTime)

Other ideas?
Hanzii - shipbuilder (retired), Turtle
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Re: Controlling your privateers Reply to this Post
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Arr fortunately the boys have promised that players will be divided up between the islands as their home island.

And Jack said he'd make sure there was some Turtle Navy as well so people can get there alot easier too.

Also with the weavery due very soon too I should be getting my cloth locally and not have to sail it all across the seas (probably some 30k worth has already taken the trip).

But there's no doubt that the increased trading will be targetted by pirates looking for extra booty.
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