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Joined: Feb 17, 2006
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sorry i don't know how to use graphics so

ultimate award
it is awarded to pirates that have reached ultimate in their standing in all parlor games (it would look like a trophy and it would have the symbol repesented to the games on the front)

houses awards
some pirates have so many houses that i think they should get an award for it(it would also look like a normal trophy and would have and island with lots of different houses on it

crew award (for captins only)
1)its an award for having the most people on your crew
2)its an award for being in the top 5 crews

crew award part 2
these are smaller versions of the captins award for the crew members for being in one of the best crews

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Re: trophies

Tropy Discussion:


Trophy Suggestion:


Known Trophies:


Carousing Trophies


There is an Ultimate Carouser trophy.

Edit 1: Unless this was for that event (not sure when it ended). If this was for that, then you have to post in the Event Entry thread.
Edit 2: If this is for the DI Event:

Contest: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=51220
Entry Thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?p=851264#851264

Marto wrote: 
We can't rely on majestrate he yells at people

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Re: trophies

hi im new here please explain this?
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