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[Event Blockades] Blockade-wide Broadcast Reply to this Post
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As an earlier proposal regarding event blockades and the amount of control the holder has about participation seems to have died a slow death, here's another idea for a possibly useful tool.

The governor of the island holding the event blockade (or a designated representative of the flag holding it, such as a referee), could be given the opportunity to speak to all the people in the blockade via a broadcast. That way, if things go pear-shaped, a person in charge could try and establish some kind of order on the board.

If there are rules for an event not covered by the coding, this would be a good tool to try and enforce them quickly, looking up vessel names, taking a guess at who's naving and sending them a tell might take too long in some situations.

I don't know how hard it would be to implement this, the blockade board would have to function like a house- or vessel-type structure, keeping track of people entering and leaving, and adding them to the recipients of blockade broadcasts. The difference would be, that not single persons/entities but vessels would have to be included.

Spamming these would of course be a /complain-able offense.
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Re: [Event Blockades] Blockade-wide Broadcast Reply to this Post
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I was about to suggest this exact same thing, inspired by warrior1570's "base" blockade idea, and a search revealed the idea had already come up. I am very much in favor of this - it would make it much easier for island-holding flags to run event blockades with unusual scenarios.
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