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The dark side Reply to this Post
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Pirate joins crew. Pirate does bad things . . . and by "bad things" I don't mean cheating in a tournament, I mean actual counter-productive behavior. Things like:

1. Insubordination
2. Theft
3. Harassment (as in annoyance, not as in litigation material)

These would be problems for any crew worth joining. On the other hand, in-game, these are not solvable long-term by banning from Y!PP, because they aren't actually naughty.

The problem comes from the fact that folks can keep making new characters, repeating the above offenses repeatedly. You can kick somebody out of your crew, but they can make a new character and come right back in.

One thing that could make life easier is linking forum screen names to paying accounts . . . that is to say, one forum name per paying account. When somebody wants to join my crew, then, I can have the person post here with a special key phrase, like "Spleen loves kitties", so I can then associate that character with a person's forum name. If that pirate does "bad things", we can ban that person's forum name from the crew. Nothing need happen from the Ringer perspective; we would track that on our own. If they try to come back into the crew with another character, they will still have to post, and they'll have the same screen name. Gotcha!

Two additional advantages: posting here means we'll be able to see whether they're past the trial period (if there's one month free, for instance), because the date they joined is posted . . . we won't let anyone in who is still in their free trial. Also, that means that if they really want to get back in and be difficult for a particular crew, they will have to do it at one-month intervals, and pay the fee each time (less ramen for the Ringers!).
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People having different pirate names Reply to this Post
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It would also be useful if the /mute option carried over onto all their pirates...so that if you have muted one of them they all get muted. Don't know if it's do-able though!

It would certainly be useful if you could also have a command like /ignore or /ban so that if you don't want a certain pirate to job for you again for whatever reason (for example they disappeared from jobbing for your ship to join another crew, without telling you first) you could use that so that they weren't able to apply for any future jobs you posted - trying to explain to someone why you won't job them again while you're pillaging could be a nuisance, and remembering pirates' names who have been pains in the past is getting tricky even now - let alone when many more are playing.
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Re: The dark side Reply to this Post
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That is actually the reason the Dastards require pirates to post before they are promoted to Officer. That way I know if they're a spy from another crew (which isn't even a problem as long as they're a respected pirate, such as Shadow/Sadako/Aglaura) sent to do mischief... and can also see their comments, whether they're constructive or not.
--Ursela, Captain of the Dastards
... and a few others ...
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