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A new game idea ye might take a liken to Reply to this Post
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I'm just a newbie waiting to come aboard but I have an idea for a new game that might brib me passage, I call it RACE THE RIGGING.
Your animated sailor scrambles up the cargo net style rigging ( using curser controls ) grabbing booty along the way. The booty is in the form of credits for strenght and swordplay, as well as pistol shots and rat poison. Yes rat poison move to slow and the bilge rats chew the rigging from beneath you. You can take your best shot with a pistol to kill one, or use a rat bomb to slow a horde.Pirates and holes block some areas of the net and blasted sea gulls slow you and zaps your strenght. Stages are set when you reach a yard arm, you must sword fight your way to the next set of rigging. I think its got a lot of potenial . It is my original idea I have never seen anything like this and I think it fits well with your site. So let me on board with me tressure map Captain and lets sail this lady
Ah waiten orders Blindman
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Race the rigging. Reply to this Post
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It sounds like your idea would make for a fun game, but once you play our game you'll see why it doesn't fit.

This is Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. Your game is an action game. We don't have a problem with action games, they're just not part of this game.

The puzzles in Y!PP are used as part of the overall game of running successful crews and are representative of completing tasks. When at sea, you do the sailing puzzle to make the ship go. If you get damaged in combat, you do the carpentry puzzle to repair the ship and then the bilge puzzle to pump out the water you've taken on. When you board another ship you engage in a huge swordfight puzzle against them. All of these puzzles are activities needed to accomplish the pirate-world goals of plunder, fame and dominion over the seas (and contribute to the community feel of the game). Scampering up rigging, collecting magically-appearing coins and poisoning rats would all be fun, but they don't contribute to pirate goals or the goal of social interaction.

Make your game and we'll be happy to link to it from here. We look forward to hearing more ideas after you've played a bit and understand the dynamic we're aiming for. See you on the docks soon, mate.

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