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Joined: May 1, 2003
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puzzle idea - mastermind Reply to this Post
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firstly, if the designers already have ideas for new puzzles, disregard this of course.

one puzzle idea is the game of mastermind, which also has a few other names i've seen. basically, there is a hidden 'code' or solution of four pegs/buttons/whatnot that are of a variety of colors - usually four. it is the players goal to guess what these are. this is done by placing four pegs/buttons/whatnot guessing what the solution is. after inputting their guess, the game returns back how many, if any, pegs/buttons/whatnot from the guess are in the puzzle, and how many, if any, pegs/buttons/whatnot are in the correct location. the board usually looks like a grid, and ends up something like this

solution line:
blue red yellow red

player guess 1
blue blue blue blue - returns one peg correct, and in the correct position

player guess two
blue yellow yellow yellow - returns two pegs correct and in the correct position

player guess three
blue yellow red red - returns four pegs correct, two of which are in the correct position

player guess four - blue red yellow red
returns winner.

the game difficulty can vary by adding/removing number of colors or number of pegs, and of course a timer could be involved, although it may help some people by having a puzzle that isn't exactly time-based.

just an idea
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Joined: Jul 2, 2002
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Yes! Reply to this Post
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I agree; this would be a great puzzle. Ursela and I were just talking about Mastermind(TM) and Y!PP the other day (at first, I figured she made the post!)
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Joined: Dec 21, 2002
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Mast-ARRR!-Mind Reply to this Post
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Back in the days of plentiful clothes, when nearly every pirate had scores of useless items, I had proposed that we all use our multi-colored bandanas to play MasterMind.

"Uh-oh! The dreaded Black Ship is approaching! What's its safety code today? Quick, you two line up with your fancy bandanas while the rest of us sail away from it." *BOOM* *BOOM* *PFFT* "Two cannonballs and one grapeshot. Trade places, and one of you, put on a tricorne!"

Well, it might be less silly if players need to rig signal flags from different masts. (Put the "Mast" back in "Mast-ARRR!-Mind"!) You can take the fast multi-player approach or the slower approach of sending one person to run back and forth.

Hmm. No, it's just intractably silly to score the game by shooting cannonballs. But a multi-player, timed version of MasterMind might be an interesting game to try out.
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