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Joined: Jan 12, 2004
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Thank you, from Star Explorers

The common agreement seems to be that this blockade could only truly be compared to Xi II.

I couldn't have asked for a better opponent to share that with, especially with somebody ragging on me for months for a direct back and forth ass kicking. ;)

To switch it up, i'd like to thank Regnum Irae, Rowboat Renegades and Ellipse for their timeless support among many many generous others.

However, above and beyond i'd like to thank those four or five flags that went from pure alliance with Vanguard to promoting both sides. Competitive babble is one thing, being open minded is another. That made this blockade fun.

Calais, if you ever force me to work that hard for 12 hours straight on four cigarettes again, i'm blockading your face. <3

Zezuma says, "what type of ship is this"
Jiiggsaw says, "i think a war fridge"

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Joined: Jul 3, 2005
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Re: Thank you, from Star Explorers

A job well done by both sides twigs..I was proud to job for you guys and thought things went rather smoothly.

SX did a great job as did VG.The first 2 rounds were very close but in the end despite our efforts we did not come out the victors.

what do you mean 12 hours on 4 cigs Twigs??...there's a such thing as a store yanno...silly rabbitt
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