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Brighteyez and Ploute's Wedding!

Okay ready? Here's the info:

WHO: Brighteyez and Ploute

WHAT: Our In-Game Wedding, followed by Wedding Frig Pillage!

WHERE: Nuptial Island

WHEN: Saturday, September 9th, 10:30pm - GAME TIME

WHY: Because we lubs each other!

Here's the rest of the info, though some is very obvious:

Officiant: Raymundo (with humorous tips from Sweetiepiepi)
Bride: Brighteyez
Groom: Ploute
Maid of Honor: Rhyanne
Best Man: Mortus
Bridesmaid: Adesh
Groomsman: Springheel

What we need:

Because we are doing a Wedding Frig Pillage, we need 350 rum, and 800 Large Cannon Balls. If you can donate either PoE or these items to the pillage, that would be great. If you have items to donate, talk directly to me, Brighteyez, I have all the info about the Frig we are using, and it is on Jorvik. If you have PoE, donate to either Brighteyez or Ploute!

We are also doing Wedding Portraits. This would consist of the bridal party above as there are seven (without our Pie Pie :-( ... ) Our Wedding Portrait Fund is slowly growing, but if you want to help advance it, feel free to donate PoE to either Brighteyez, or Ploute!

If you would like to have a portrait done with a group, you can save up for that on your own, or tell Ploute and I that you want one done with us, and if you can donate to that at all, that would be great. We are pillaging as much as we can, but things are tough right now.

Ploute and I will be gone for two weeks in August. This cuts down on our pilage time, which is why I bring up the donations of PoE and rum/cannon balls.

If you want to bring Wedding Presents, as Belle and Adesh mentioned in the Engagement Thread, feel free, but it is not expected nor necessary. If you decide you want to, that's more than okay though! ;)

Lastly, we need someone to be a "job/whisker" for people on a ship. Perhaps someone's alt on another account, so that people wanting to come can /tell that person for a job. Any volunteers? *EDIT- Adesh has volunteered to bring on Jobs. TY ADESH!!!!*

If anyone has any other suggestions, that would be great.

Also, thanks to Adesh and Calyx for offering their Estate for our use. We figured Nuptial would be more open and easier for people to get to, which is why we chose the Island instead of the Estate. Thank you again though, it is much appreciated!

Thank you all, and I hope everyone can come! :D
Currently AFK ;-)
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