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Ketchy Cubby World Tour 7-23 .. WIN A FAMILIAR!

tart goes here:

9am Gametime Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Location: Somewhere in Ruby!

Ketchy Cubby World Tour Rules: wrote: 


Fandango hosts an event, during an actively contested blockade, called "Ketchy Cubby," which is Midnight-Patois for "rastafarian pyramid sloop tag." Here are the rules for Ketchy Cubby:

Everyone in the ocean is invited to bring their own unaligned sloop team.

They register with the Fandango Ketchy Cubby referee, for the prizes. Check the Notorious Fandango flag statement for the referee's name, prior to the start.

They deport, sail out, put 1 CB into a defending vessel, and port, sending a /tell to the Fandango referee saying "1"

Then they deport, sail out, put 2 CBs into a defending vessel, and port, sending a /tell to the Fandango referee saying "2"

Your third time out, you need 3 hits. Etceteras. It's a pyramid game - you can't skip a number.

Your ending point total is the last number you were successfully able to score. Because it's a Fandango game, only hits on the defending flag count.

Any number of jobbers may be on the sloop, but the prize just goes to the registered participant (who can then split the proceeds how he sees fit). If your sloop gets sunk, go grab another sloop. Your score from your previous successful trip out still stands.


Entrants may enter by name, but they are encouraged to enter BY SPONSOR. Yes, you can steer the '#28 Kargach Ford,' but we highly encourage you to take sponsorship from flags, shops, or other game entities. (like the '#11 Shanty Raidio Cadillac' for instance) If you'd like to work out sponsorship deals with those entities, that's on your own prerogative. Why do this? Once you enter a team, that team can enter future World Tour events under the same name, even with different drivers.

Scoring by round:

The top sloop for each round will receive a flat 5000 poe prize.

Scoring by blockade:

The total hits for the whole blockade will be tallied up at the end, to determine your 'NASCAR' point standing.

Finish Points
1st 180
2nd 170
3rd 165
4th 160
5th 155
6th 150
7th 146
8th 142
9th 138
10th 134

and so on. See here for the complete list:


Obviously nobody can be at every blockade for KCWT. So what happens if you miss a round? Never fear! You get a bye! This works just like a 'drop test' does in college, where you get a crappy score and want to drop it off the list. We've decided that we will offer byes equal to 50% of the total number of races, but might reduce the number of buys applied to determine tiebreakers in the standings. So if there are 6 races, that's 3 byes and 3 credits.

Sinking ?!!

Previous rules regarding sinking apply.

Grand Prize:
The grand prize will be awarded after the final race, on the weekend of Oct. 14-15.

SABATA IS REFEREE! She will either be running the contest out of Falcon's Fury or out of Fandango Familiars under her alt, Sabba. Try either on the day of the race.

Current KCWT Grand Standings:

360- Chrisspy, driving for Team Barnacle for Brains
340 - Rumskraken, driving for Team Rum's Bums
165- Lj, driving for team Crazy Quackers
165- Padore driving for Padore's iron working stall
160 - Bobzone, driving for Team Alone but Not Forgotten
155- Blinkkidmutt, driving the Blinkkidmutt's Ironmonger Stall Chevy

Remember you can still get in on the action if you missed the first race - just use a bye for the earlier races! Also remember that once you have a team name or sponsor entered, you can switch up who navs or puzzles for that team every race.

original binghi dread rasta
token minority of notorious fandango
captain of hell fire for hire
does anyone ever read this yellow part?

gwb wrote: 

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