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Better poker logging Reply to this Post
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I have greatly enjoyed the addition of poker to puzzle pirates, and have been trying to improve my feeble poker skills. One capability which would be particularly useful is the ability to review hands. Right now the chatlog allows you to see the flop, turn, and river as they come up, but it's still missing a lot of information. There are two improvements that I would be very grateful for.

The first is (I hope) simple. Currently the symbols for hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades go into the chatlog as a question mark. If they could be logged as (h,d,c,s) instead, it would be easier to read the chatlog.

The second is more complicated. Right now, only a small subset of the play of a hand is recorded. I would like to have the option to see a complete record. This would mean you would need to add a message for whenever a player raises, calls, folds, or posts a blind. At the end of a hand, if any cards are shown, you would also need to have a message listing the cards shown for each player. All these new messages would add a lot of traffic to the chatlog, so it would be useful if they could be turned on and off somewhere in the options screen.

Thanks again for implementing poker. I'm having a lot of fun with it, even when I lose, and I'm sure I'll continue having fun, even if you can't implement complete logs.

What I'm looking for are Adventure Islands
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