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Joined: Apr 21, 2006
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Family feud like competition

1. An ugly bird Bald Eagle
2. A famous George George W. Bush
3. A word for "Goodbye" in another language Au Revoir
4. Something a teenager does that annoys their parents stay out late
5. Past or present, an actor famous for horror movies Jack Nicholson
6. Real or fictional, name a famous pirate Long John Silver
7. An excuse people give for being late Traffic was bad
8. A weapon used in ancient times sword
9. A famous movie monster Frankenstein
10. A reason why people eat in fast food restaurants it’s cheap
11. Something, besides driving, you do while driving sing
12. Something you eat, that comes in a shell oysters
13. A food people usually eat with their fingers chicken wings
14. A fairytale Cinderella
15. A tropical fruit Coconut
16. A type of natural disaster Hurricane
17. Real or fictional, name a famous red Indian Little Bear
18. A food that doesn't go well with kissing onions
19. Something people cheat on taxes
20. A vegetable thats not green carrots
21. Something you close your eyes to do sleep
22. Real or fictional, name a bearded man Osama bin laden
23. Something you put onto a hamburger Ketchup
24. A fictional character famous for wearing a cape Superman
25. Something you eat by the slice bread
26. A device you look through window
27. A Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse
28. Something parents hide from their children cookies
29. Type of information found on a birth certificate name
30. A city in spy movies New York
31. Something that happens to you when your frightened goosebumps
32. A reason people give for NOT tipping slow service
33. Way of parents picking a name for a baby baby book
34. A member of the wedding party best man
35. Something you might talk about to a psychiatrist mother issues
36. A famous biblical twosome Adam and Eve
37. Something people must be legally old enough to do drive
38. A genie is an imaginary creature, name another witch
39. A food you eat by the handful popcorn
40. Something that teenagers like to eat chips
41. Something that moves very slowly turtle
42. Something that has a screen television
43. Something that comes in a carton milk
44. A prize that TV game shows might give car
45. Something you get into and out of everyday car
46. What might a teenager spend extra money on clothes
47. A word used in weather reports mainly sunny
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Re: Family feud like competition

I believe that you were trying to enter this competition. Unfortunately, you can't enter the competition since it ended yesterday.
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