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Chat Channels Reply to this Post
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The other day I was talking on crew chat and there were about 4 of us in on a conversation, I don't really remember what it was about, I think it was about our schedules. There were maybe 12 of us online in the crew at the time. Our captain requested that we take our conversation off crew chat, and I understand why... the majority of the crew probably didn't care about what the 4 of us were talking about. But, then I thought of something... where are we supposed to take our conversation? Two of us were helping the captain move some goods, one was trading, and another was camping commodities. We can't use a circle seeing as we're in 3 seperate places in the ocean. Tells get tricky when trying to talk between 3+ people at once, vessel chat again we were in seperate places in the ocean.


Can we have some sort of way to have our own "chat room"?


Can we have some method that you can filter chat by being able to turn crew chat on/off, etc?

I see #2 more feasible than #1 but I have seen option #1 implemented in other games so it is possible :)

While we're on the subject of crew chat....

Is it possible to make jobbing crew and real crew chat look different? Colors, boarders, etc?

Is it possible to add an option so that we can change the color of our chat channels so I can make my jobbing chat look different than my crew chat?
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Re: Chat Channels Reply to this Post
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Chat channels is a very commonly requested feature and it's on the list:

As for customizing the color of chat types, I don't recall a confimed yes/no on that, I would agree it would be very welcome. I can't say im too much in doubt of what is /crew and /jcrew simply by the contents and those talking but I can have a hard time telling the speech and the crew chats apart.
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