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Joined: Jul 30, 2003
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[suggestion] Jobbing interface changes Reply to this Post
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We could really use two improvements in the jobbing interface -- one to make it easier for jobbers to compare different job offers, and one to make it easier for officers to job in players.

The notice board needs a button that can be clicked to "Compare Offers". That screen should show, for each job, the crew name, ship name and size, the person at the helm if any (as in /who), the number of people currently on board, the shares and crew cut defaults, and, most importantly, the percentage of overall booty that you, as a jobber, would receive if a divvy were to be done right now, based on the composition of the players currently on board the ship.

So, for instance, if the crew cut were 20%, and shares were allocated 1/2/3/4/5, and there are currently 2 cabin persons, a pirate, and an officer on board, if you joined this ship, you would get 6.7% of any booty available. The interface would report that 6.7% figure.

This would make it vastly easier for jobbers to figure out where they'd be best paid, since it's not only shares that matter, but the type of people on board and how many of them there are. (On a large ship, your share of the overall booty might be smaller, but there's also more booty to go around, so players still have to do some figuring, but the computed percentages are a much better place to start than just looking at raw share numbers.)

It's also useful to know who's at the helm, without having to look up each ship on the /who, because you might want to acquire what they're hiring for. Are they pillaging? Do they need jobbers to help them get back to port after a battle? Are they out foraging? And, importantly, is the commander someone that, from reputation, you do or don't want to be sailing with?

It would also be nice if the interface displayed a dialogue box for jobbing in a player, so you don't have to type both /who player (and then click to get info) and /job player (though these are still useful and should be kept). But one click should get you his pirate info, and another should job him in. (I believe this has been suggested before.)

It would be handy to be able to specify, as a crew-wide default, and preferably alterable on a per-job-posting basis, what minimum ualifications you expect from jobbers. You should, I think, be able to specify minimum standing and experience in Sailing, Carpentry, Bilging, and Sea Battle, at least.

In that scenario, if a player tried to apply for a job that he's not qualified for, he'd be told that he doesn't meet the qualifications. This saves officers the trouble of sorting through a bunch of applications that they're going to silently reject. Crews who set higher qualifications should, of course, be expected to pay jobbers better than crews who don't have minimum qualifications.

Such a mechanism will hopefully also make it more likely that crews with no interest in training new players don't end up jobbing in new players. People who don't want new players aren't likely to create a good experience for those newbies; better that they just don't come into contact with one another. Plenty of crews will indeed seek out newbies, since they're candidates for recruitment.
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Re: [suggestion] Jobbing interface changes Reply to this Post
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"I am interested in your ideas and would like to suscribe to your newsletter."

Sounds great, and would help a lot. :)
Black Death, Midnight

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Re: [suggestion] Jobbing interface changes Reply to this Post
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Amberyl wrote: 
Really long post that I didn't read completely, but instead read the first paragraph and skimmed through the rest.

Yah, yah, sounds good. ;D At least the whole "Compare Offers" thing does, I didn't really read much else. I know that when I go out jobbing, it sucks to have to pull up the crew info and by the time you're done making sure they're good, they take down the offer. :(
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Re: [suggestion] Jobbing interface changes Reply to this Post
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I very rarely split according to the standard booty division though (at least in Challengers); I divide equally if people have worked well. But I'm not going to change it because it's easier locking the low shares on a load of people who abandoned ship after one battle and then increasing the rest than messing about giving some people one share, some people two, some three....

So if my shares are misleading I apologise; but it's much the easiest way to do it just now. Anyone else who's had 15 different jobbers between Epsilon and Guava will probably agree that the easiest way is best, until ship logs/booty division improvements are brought in.
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