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Joined: Jul 21, 2003
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The Drinking Game -- A Test of Endurance Reply to this Post
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Ahoy! I just finished up with what must have been one of the longest drinking games in YPP history. Granted, it was a fun game; however, it brought to mind a detail I wondered if you all had considered....

Round 1 of 3 started off with nearly a full table (7 people if my memory serves me correctly). All went along quite well until, part way into the first round, we were one man down.... Normally the game ends when one of two things happen: a) all of the squares are stained, or b) everyone is too drunk to continue. Unfortunately, when the first player left the game he was stone-cold sober. This left us with only one way to end the game (staining all the squares).

We could have ended the adventure easily by all dismissing the puzzle and restarting. Being the stuborn and hearty lot of drinkers we are, however, we decided to stick it out and stain our way through 2 and a half more rounds. By round three we were down to three thoroughly drunk players (the rest either got booted or had to leave). Nearly two hours later, we finally finished our game!

And now, finally, this brings me to the suggestion at hand.... I don't know if others have run into a situation similar to the above-mentioned or not; however, for the rare chances that such a thing might occur, it would be nice to see the status of a person who leaves the table automatically converted to "passed out".

On the flip-side, for those who prefer a game of endurance, perhaps there could be an option to set the win conditions such that all the squares have to be stained before the game will end? For most players, however, (especially with a large group), I have a suspicion that is a bit longer game than they would prefer to play...but it may be nice to have the option at times as well....
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Re: The Drinking Game -- A Test of Endurance Reply to this Post
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Drinking games with many players can take anywhere from 3mins to an hour like you said. I had a couple last night that were fairly lenghty but not quite as much as yours. And I've never and probably will never play more than 1 round with that many players for this very reason ;)

The option to not have a pass-out victory would be nice. Other options I'd like to see is being able to not have the 200 bonus for most stains at the end of a game since it very often determines the winner in multiplayer. And passing out is too much of a punishment in my oppinion since it's mostly based on bad luck if you get a piece you can place or not. So an option to lower the rounds you are passed out would be nice.

But in general I believe they have the Drinking Puzzle targetted for atleast an extra pass of improvement.
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