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June Is Bustin'Out All Over Reply to this Post
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For young non-fans of musicals, this seduction offer is named after a very silly song, just begging for a parody. I chose a different one, however, as my example for this contest.

2 months subscription time
rope coils - tan/tan, short sword green/green, and 20 swigs of whisking potion OR 3k PoE

how to enter:
Pick a song and tell me the original title.
Write a (original) parody with a Puzzle Pirate related theme. It doesn't have to be seasonal, but if it is, it should be summer.
Be sure to tell me your Cerulean name.

edit:right, there is a deadline, Midnight PDT Sunday June 30

optional: record yourself (or a group) singing it & include a link so everybody can hear it.

I enter my own contest:

Original song: Green Tambourine

Drop your PoE into my coin machine
Help Grey Havens fill its pretty dream
Give them credit, they?ll make anything
Why did they ever make
That green wolverine?

Raider of the balmy ocean breeze
Looting victims stranded on the seas
Dominating every ship he sees
(So, seriously, would a pirate go hiking in the remote reaches of the northern boreal forest, just happen to come across the most reclusive animal there, casually pick it up despite its fierce ability to kill prey several times its size, and take it back to the ship?s hold where it wreaks havoc?)
Why should a pirate find
A green wolverine?

Hear my plea before you walk away
There are players that will gladly pay
Money feeds the pirate machine
I really want to sell
This green wolverine.

optional #2 if you want to discuss the topic of wolverines, see this thread:
Doggbreath, Rogues Riding Sell me your ink! any Cerulean island 500/unit

Yer daily horoscope reads: Investing in insane dogs will result in good health

Ohiya says, "By the way how many curly toads does it take to make curly toad slippers
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