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Pirate who hates selling stuff sells stuff! Reply to this Post
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Everything in the furni is new unless stated. I'm looking for offers on everything please unless it's stated, so (preferably) chuck me a PM with what you want and I'll let go of them if I think the price is right. I might be a bit slow in response (because anxiety is 100% fun) so I apologise in advance if I don't reply right away.

Purple/lavender serpent named Smudge - 500k

Gilded bed (green/brown)
Small harpoon cannon
Crossed spears (gold/violet)
Fancy crossed spears (tan/gold)
Crystal ball (black)
Gilded chair (blue)
Gilded drink rack (navy)
Gilded sofa (persimmon, gold cushions)
Gold armor with spear (blue/white)
Gold armor with sword (lime/gold)
Gold crossed swords (yellow, white, lime)
Gorg model
Model baghlah
Model merch brig
Empty black piggy bank x2
Empty gold piggy bank x2
Plushes (Elephant, fox, hedgehog, otter, panda, penguin, pony, seal, sheep, sea turtle)
Pot of gold (purple)
Ship's wheel (lemon)
Mounted squids (2x green, purple, aqua)
Golden armor skelly (brown)
Owl statue
Gilded table (white)
Crest tapestry (GOOD, purple/lime)
Finius banner (GOOD)
Assorted flag tapestries (GOOD, rose/navy, grey/mint, lavender/mint, light blue/magenta, lime/persimmon)
Gold tapestries (white, yellow, orange, persimmon)
Mounted tentacle (white)

Gold bunny (70k)
White gator with black stripes - SERIOUS offers, please!
Polar panda
Rose/rose pelican

4x chocolate chroma (15k each)
11x sea green chroma (5k each)
2x gold chroma (30k each)
7x wine chroma (25k each)

OTHER not shown:
Dastardly mustache wax - 4 swigs
Pink pomade - 16 swigs
Scarlet shampoo - 16 swigs
Violet volumiser - 23 swigs
Mossy mousse - 30 swigs
Bottled bluebeard - 41 swigs

Thank you! :)
Squabbles/Lacklustre/Wobblysquab on Emerald
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Re: Pirate who hates selling stuff sells stuff! Reply to this Post
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I'm interested in the Panda. I'd do 100k for it.
°ßonifacio- Born in Sage°
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