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Greedie distribution Reply to this Post
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So i've been focusing more on greedie hunting lately and i've found a few odd things that i have questions about with the greedie distribution.
First off i'm the captain of my crew with jobbers delight and 20% restocking.
So first off, during a pilly with only me and one other crew mate where i was the only one who knocked loose all the greedies (6) that they got split evenly (3 each). which is fine in a sense cause i want my crew to have more poe for themselves. which isn't the only odd thing but i'd like to understand more why that distributed the way it did.
the next odd thing i've found is when jobbing random people, for people who didn't take part in any battle, i.e. they hopped on then hopped right off before engaging or in the middle of battle before hooking, they got a good share of the greedies that they had no part in helping acquire, like up to two trinkets and some poe apiece. which i find unfair, if nothing else, for the jobbers who actually fought in the battles.
the last odd thing that i'd like to understand is when i personally am jobbing for someone else that after i knock loose some greedies that i dont always get one. but i assumed it more goes towards the captains shares so thats when i tried to do more of my own greedie hunts.

I guess my main questions are, how are greedies actually distributed? is there a way that i can set it up through crew articles to let greedies be distributed more fairly or to only go to those who knock them loose?
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Re: Greedie distribution Reply to this Post
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The exact mechanics (or rather, the numbers behind it) are unknown, but here's how it works as far as I understand it:

As you pillage, you gain "pillage points". One each battle you're in for. The person with the most pillage points gets a trinket, and loses some pillage points. Repeat. Once no one has any pillage points left, they're just distributed evenly.

No crew article setting matters, no one's rank matters, nor does the amount of greedies you personally knock off.
TriplePat, Emerald.
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