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Nurfed Pay Outs is not helping anything, with a heaping side of rant Reply to this Post
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So since I have started playing about 5 years ago on Emerald I have seen pay be nurfed over and over on different items in the game. At the same time the cost of dubs (needed to play full game) keep going up.

KH: players are expected to purchase a kit if not two or most won't be jobbed. Cost 1500 poe 2 dubs delivery 4500 poe just to get hired. And the pay has been knocked down, to 5-10k per dip for the player

Tournies: Gota get that badge to play or be limited to free days. and you may want weapons. 4 dubs for the badge and will say 10k for the blugon/sword and 10 dubs... Most people don't drink cause who wants to pay for a mug and pay that delivery... so if you get all 3 30k in tools and 119 in Dub Delivery for a total of 149k so you can hang out in the inn. Won't even get into the poker rake as I think it was good but hey why not suck more poe out of the game while limiting the flow in.

Want to wager large... well be careful people are claiming banning for RMT from such wagers. Oh and enjoy 500k hearts and Mil SF's while poker is kept at 20k with that rake.

SMH: No badge if you can handle the 3-5 hour load time with out a badge to play other games while you wait.... or you just get busy playing in other windows zzzing out....

Items Cost most items cost more to deliver then to purchase.
Who would order anything that cost 15k and pay 105k in shipping to get it.
Want a pizza no problem $10.00 but to acutely get it you need ot pay a fee of $100.00. No one would order the pizza....

Blockaid pay is always max because its about the only thing that hasn't been nurfed. With no prof, I wonder how man blockaiders are playing the dub market to keep the price high so they get the most for there CC purchase... meanwhile no one wants to job for less then max cause thy want to buy a ship and its the only really way to make a large amount of poe.

Greedies: Great addition gone bad these were great... pillaging was fun and people started not only waiting to SMH and you could make a decent amount of poe. Nurf the purses... Swabie Update....Bashe the Greedies undid one of the great additions to bring pillaging back to the game.

If a new player comes how long before they can buy shoes.... I mean its a game not a full time job and it rumored to be free to play.

Some times you have to wonder why people bot in a puzzle game then you realize its so they can afford to play the game. Perhaps if the nurfs turned to boost the ocean would be wealthy and people would play for fun and give lots of stuff out and enjoy paying for things that are cosmetic or needed to fully enjoy the game, and even join in the end game fun of kadeing.

*dub's averaging 3500 poe ea for the sake of argument
If my memory serves Dubs were about 2k when i joined, side note my first ship took forever for me to buy and it was a smuggler sloop this months LE on Obsidian so Im a bit nostalgic this month.

TLDR: you opened one of my post and expected brevity...
Filthyjake all oceans (Obsidian Primary)
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Casual player or yet another who moved on.
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