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IMPORTANT NOTICE (please click) Reply to this Post
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Received: 16 October 2018
Accepted: 22 October 2018

An Explanation Of The True Meaning Of Melanaster; A Phylogenetic Meta-Analysis Across 4 Flags

Bain, M.

Through meta-analysis a study has been conducted on the true heir of Melanaster Island (henceforth 'Mela'). A study based on both primary and secondary research, conducted in the habitat of four bands (henceforth referred to as 'flags'), providing a broad idea of both the history and heritage of the flags in question. A brief summary of the implications of the results of this study will be provided, with a last section discussing some opposing theories and explanations.

Both quantitative and qualitative research methods have been used to explore the broad structure of the four different flags on the Obsidian ocean. Focus groups with leading characters, in-depth interviews with certain key figures in the flags, and sporadic character profiles are used for qualitative methods. The Yppedia (a democratically ran encyclopedia similar to the more familiar 'wikipedia' website) and a total of fifteen-hundred google docs sheets provided by Davenport (henceforth referred to as Dataport) create the quantitative aspect of this research.

Various flags have made a claim on Mela, though none more than the flag Consider It Sunk (CIS for short). As mentioned in previous journals and publications, the royalty team has claimed to destroy their enemies through attrition, humiliation, general shenanigans and sea battle (Scar, 2017). Their claim to Mela dates back to 1587, when a young seafarer of the name Scardickulus from Spain sailed past Mela and said it 'looked worthy of 95 million pieces of gold' (Blighty, 2017, Blighty, 2018, Scar 2017, Bauds, Speekz, et al., 2017). Over five peer-reviewed articles back up this claim, all written by one of 17 royalty members, and peer-reviewed by said members themselves. One particularly controversial paper published in early 2018 (Greeniguana, 2018) shows a piece of evidence many have considered to be negligible, showing a small resemblance of Scardickulus' proclaimed sculpted bust just outside Mela's port.

As you can see, shapes in the picture are hard to distinguish. Previous publications have claimed that these poor quality pictures are due to the fact that they are digitally remastered, and created in the year 1587 (Bauds, et al., 2018). A separate claim is made for the island on the basis of amount of poe (currency used on the Obsidian ocean) spent to require the island. A more in-depth view will be provided in the discussion section later on.
Secondly, the flag 'Black Plague' has claimed to be the true heirs of Mela, though not a lot of data was available for analysis on this particular flag. During the extensive interviews with their monarch, Ape, a strong emotional declaration was recorded. However, the constant defecating and throwing of feces during the interviews placed the research team in danger. Only parts of Ape's sentiment could be recorded successfully;

"Boom boom, I go boom boom (check it)
Boom boom, on the ground (check it)
No drop, two drops, on the floor (check it)
Could be here, or there (check it outtt [profanity])

Yo, you might think I'm cleaning up the ocean floor
Guess again [profanity] I'm [profanity] on your door
Dip dap jiggle, you know what time it plays
Yo, [profanity], I've got poe for days

Knock knock Melanaster, you little [profanity],
I've got something to scratch, scratch my itch
Knock knock Melanaster, you little [profanity]
I've got two dhows and a fanch, finger on the trigger

[Interlude by throwing of feces]

I'm grown, I'm big, I'm my own boy now
I'm downing bottles of FR, grog, K'pow
You little riggers, you botters, come at me
Imma throw you with my poop fish me outta the
(seeeea, seeaaa, seaaa, seaaa, seaa)
(look at me, in the seaaa, in the seaa)
(seaaa, seaa, seaa [profanity])
(look at me, in the seaaa, in the seaa) x14"

Copyright by PikaVevo Inc, 2018

As a third contender, Amateur Hour laid a claim on Melanaster island in secrecy, though through some inductive research we were able to establish a time line which creates strong implications towards an intend to claim the island for their own. The 'paw print debacle' of 2018 has been like salt in a wound for Amateur Hour ever since an Inn was placed on top of a key ecological feature on Melanaster island by Consider it Sunk (Eepnah, S, 2018). This has always been an indirect claim on the island from Amateur Hour, though no concrete plans have been made to conquer allies or foes to undo this controversial building plot decision.
Guerrilla Warfare has been known for their fierce blockades for the island of Melanaster ever since the opening of the island, though the flag's history has only been researched by a handful of researchers (Bain, M, 2017, Bain, M, 2018, Man, Pastey, 2017, Dizzle, M.T., 2018, Zy, A, 2018, Tix, Anthony, 2003, Tix, Anthony, 2004, Tix, Anthony, 2005, Tix, Anthony, 2006, Tix, Anthony, Spud, B, et al., 2007, Tix, Anthony, 2008). The monarch of Guerrilla Warfare, Anthony 'Tix' Antix, has been a well-researched individual for the entirety of his pirating career. He is mostly known as being an Illustrious bilger (first Illustrious bilger to hold proficient standing for seven months straight), and the conqueror of many islands on the Viridian ocean (Tix, Anthony, 2009). After several weeks of in-depth interviews and by using previous publications, including Antix' own autobiography set to release next spring, some interesting tidbits of information have come to light. For example, when talking about his youth as a chimney cleaner in York, Antix shed some light on his earliest aspirations on conquering an 'oasis of hope, a fistful of dreams, a grasp of MELAncholy' (Tix, Anthony, 2018, capitals added to original). Some argue that this is a hint for the island that would open two years after this quote was initially recorded.
Besides the more obvious contextual claims of ownership, a cartographer published some interesting findings in an article in the very month Melanaster opened up its doors for blockading (Rumbles, G, 2018). A page of this publication is shared here

Interestingly, Melanaster island shows up to be right below the center of the W, which is believed to stand for 'Warfare'. The G up in the right corner is widely believed to be short for 'Guerrilla'. As of late, no research has been done on the existence of a fifth island in the Wild Eastern Seas Archipelago (Yppedia, 2018), though many have seen a glow come from the depths of the sea where the island should be (Stanley, M, 2017, Embert, G, 2017).
Due to the scope of the research needed to fully understand the intentions and backgrounds of the flags on Obsidian, many questions remain unanswered for future research.

There are several ways one can interpret the data found in this particular research. It is rather obvious that Consider it Sunk's claim of ownership is the weakest of them all, as many scholars agree that the image provided in Scar's publication has been created by Microsoft Paint (Man, Pastey, 2018, Jester, M, 2018, Dizzle, M.T., 2018, Bain, M, 2018, Zy, A, 2018). The claims of both Amateur Hour and Black Plague are hard to interpret as they appear to be very circumstantial, and the monarch of Black Plague is questioned to be a member of the Homo Erectus species (Jestrate, M, 2018), which brings an entire avalanche of questions and ideas for further discussion with it. Overall, Guerrilla Warfare seems to have the strongest evidence to claim Melanaster for their own, as it is both rooted in empirical evidence and bright colors drawn upon a map.

Bain, M. (2018). A view of my captain. Viridian publishers. (p. 355-370)
Tix, A. (2018). Battle Navigation and Me. Viridian Publishers.
Jester, M. (2017). Everything Wrong With the World Today; A Brief View On Why
Everyone Should Log Off
. Obsidian Now.
Man, Pastey. (2017). A Look At You, From Me. Obsidian Times (p.12-17)
Scar, 2017. Money Can't Buy Everything, But It Can Buy Enough. (p.1078-1079)
Dizzle, M.T. (2017). A Look into The Hourglass; Finding Luck Can Start From Inside You. Viridian Publishers.
Tix, A., Bain, M, Spud, B, et al., (2008). Why Circumcision Is A Crime. Viridian Publishers. (p. 125-128)
Eepnah, S. (2018). Eyesores on Obsidian. Obsidian Post.


Please job for Guerrilla Warfare this Sunday at noon game time. Get rich by making us poor!

YPPedia improved with Tom Cruise the Elephant (who's my friend and buddy) catalogue!
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Re: IMPORTANT NOTICE (please click) Reply to this Post
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Filthyjake all oceans (Obsidian Primary)
Filthyjake6145 (discord)
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Re: IMPORTANT NOTICE (please click) Reply to this Post
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Unable to verify sources. I cannot in good conscience give a favourable review of this study, and hereby make a strong recommendation for it not to be published.
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Re: IMPORTANT NOTICE (please click) Reply to this Post
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Unable to verify sources. I cannot in good conscience give a favourable review of this study, and hereby make a strong recommendation for it not to be published.

This comment shall herewith be known as:
Twigster, E (2018) The Dissent, University of Adelaide Lesbian Dance Theory Journal, 7-12.

NB. Don't tie me to a crucifix if my citations are wrong. I don't use Harvard referencing.
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Re: IMPORTANT NOTICE (please click) Reply to this Post
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The fifth island in Eastern Wild Seas definitely exists. Many have seen Bot ships going off course to go there! And, I, most experienced gunner / dnaver in that part of Obsidian, can personally attest to its existence. #TheGisReal (but is the G for Grumbles???)
Grumbles on all oceans
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Re: IMPORTANT NOTICE (please click) Reply to this Post
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All hail Grumbles Woman (hereafter known as GW) the rightful queen of Melanaster! Thanks for the funny intent btw Mart as always pure gold!
Mattatron on Obsidian
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