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Troy Bolt-on Present Reply to this Post
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Dear Emerald,

As some of you might have noticed Troy Bolt-on has been doing a couple of BK blockades. Some of you might know us, however some of you might not. Hence I'm taking this as an opportunity to represent the flag to all of Puzzle Pirates.

What does Troy Bolt-on mean?

Some of you might think we are huge High School Musical fans. Obviously, they are amazing movies that definitely made huge impacts on our lives. Nevertheless, this is not where the flag got its name from.

Here you see Troy and Bolt. Labradors born and raised under Pauldancer's command. They are the sole reason behind the flag's name and will be supporting us through up and downs. For all the cat fans, don't you worry we are animal lovers in general!

Flag stuffs

We have been observing the blockade scene quite closely just like many of you guys probably have in the recent weeks. A few remarkable things came to our attention. I'll address them below.
1) There have been plenty of blockades the last month. However, most of these blockades were all done by the same flags.
2) Outjobbing. This should be self-explanatory.
3) Very low amount of ships on the board and the same people naving every blockade (both low amount of ships and same navers partly due to very few people being around obviously).
All of these things add up and have a negative impact in the blockading experience for many of you if not all. We in Troy Bolt-on will be having a shot to bring blockading closer to the average pirate and consequently make it more enjoyable for everyone.

How are we going to try to achieve this:
Bowditch will be open for pre-arranged blockades for any flag that wishes to do a blockade in a friendly environment. To make this enjoyable for both sides we would like you to contact us at least a week before the blockade happens. The blockade settings would be as follow: First of all, a blockade time that suits both parties involved. Second, the only ships allowed on the blockade board would be War Brigs or smaller. In this way both flags get the opportunity to put more navers on the board. Aside from that, it gives flags to opportunity to give newer navers the biggest ship on the board without having the responsibility of naving the only frig. The jobbing payment would start at 7500 per segment. Not instantly capping the payment gives both flags the opportunity to raise pay to even up on jobbing. The reason for choosing a somewhat high start pay is that low pay blockades will probably discourage people to puzzle and therefore make the blockading experience a lot more boring. If we get the feeling many people are discouraged by the somewhat high starting payment of 7500 we will be considering taking a medium/outpost and have the same blockade settings with lower starting payment. Other minor details such as tops can be discussed in tells with me, Pauldancer.

We will be attacking more larges in the foreseeable future and would like to go with mentioned blockade settings as well. However, rejecting those settings does not keep us from hitting your island.

Island plans
I'd like to keep this section as short as possible. Tonight, September 9th 2018, we will be dropping the taxes on Bowditch and Scrimshaw to 0%. Any other island we may take in the future will also have 0% taxes. As for shops and attractions. We will be building shops on demand, so if anyone is interested please hit up any royal from Troy Bolt-on. Personally, we think there is no need for new attractions on the current ocean. However, we will be keeping any attraction that is already available on the islands we own or may take in the future. If many people show interest in a particular attraction on a particular island we may own at that time we will fulfill the will of the ocean and drop that certain attraction. If you have any questions about islands plans feel free to ask any royal for further information.

Troy Bolt-on is mostly a neutral flag. We will let any of our members job for any flag they'd like. However, we do advocate our people to job for sides that are being outjobbed as it greatly increases the fun for both parties in the blockade will have. For more political in-debt information please contact myself, Pauldancer for more information.

From here I'm going to round off this introduction of the flag Troy Bolt-on. Everyone is welcome to our blockading flag as long as you are no animal abuser.

Yours Truly,

Troy Bolt-on
hi im kev
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Re: Troy Bolt-on Present Reply to this Post
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This could be the start of something new. If feels so right to be here in this flag and now looking at this forum post, I feel it in my heart the start of something new
For all the cat fans, don't you worry we are animal lovers in general!

Especially Wild Cats
That Bombing Guide
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