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Expedition Changes (Buffs) Reply to this Post
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Expeditions are underwhelming.

This shouldn't be the case, some expeditions can genuinely be fun (Or at the very least offer forms of content that we see in little to no other forms within the game). They are clearly meant to be rewards, to break up the pillaging 'grind', and otherwise add content diversity to the game. Thus it's strange that they've not been given any attention really that I can see.

Not only do some actually create a net loss of PoE for the pirate running them, but most are also negative values when opportunity cost is considered.

While my testing wasn't exhaustive for this, I did attempt several expeditions to substantiate my view point.

So with all that being said, here's what I'd like to see change:

Increase Expedition payouts (Even if that means lowering the % chance we will win an Expo).

Expo's should be rewards. Getting one from a chart box or black box should be viewed as a positive thing, as opposed to a negative. Winning them in a pillage should truly entice pirates to alter course/go out of their way to get them. Runs based around Viking Raids or Imperial Outposts should be an at least valid type of voyage with earnings that could be comparable to pillaging and the like.

Considering the drop rate of the majority of them is already pretty low, I don't personally see why their payouts are so low (16% from black boxes, Sub-52% from chart boxes, Sub-27% from pillage wins).

So I'd like to see some changes to get pillages eager to do them, at the very least to bring them to parity with the other forms of content in the game.

Suggestion 1: Increase payouts.

Self-explanatory, make all expeditions pay larger sums of PoE, and scale back the frequency with which they appear (if needed) to compensate.

While you can't reduce the frequency that IO's and Viking Raids appear, they both offer so little a reward for what they are I don't personally think it should be a concern.

Suggestion 2: Create "Bonus" periods that increase the payouts of expeditions substantially.

I'm not sure, but perhaps once upon a time this was already done (The yppedia has a line suggesting it might possibly have been : "These numbers are only from times when the payout is not artificially increased (such as during a weekend event)".).

Either way I think it's a good idea. While it will still mean this content is pointless or ignored the vast majority of the time, at the very least we'd get windows of it being relevant to add some diversity to the voyage options available.

Suggestion 3: Add chests to expeditions without them, and add loot tables to all of these boxes.

Make them give rewards more like how SMH's do and I'm sure they'd get more love.

While I've not thought on it long enough to say what I think would be a good reward for said chests, I can't help but think even them just being slightly less valuable lavish lockers would be welcome.
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Re: Expedition Changes (Buffs) Reply to this Post
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Suggestion 3 definitely sounds the most attractive option to me, the biggest draw to me for SMHs and pillaging is the chance of winning unique things in the chest.
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Re: Expedition Changes (Buffs) Reply to this Post
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Also with that addition, maybe make the Forages not rated? Since I remember doing like 15-20 forage expeditions and dropped from Leg to Dist. For TH, if your going to add chests, I'd suggest they be not rated as well.
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Add Skilled swabbies for SMHs/flotillas!
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Re: Expedition Changes (Buffs) Reply to this Post
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I'll drop my thoughts on the buyable expeditions in the game here because I can. I think the on-ship won expeditions are fine (except maybe merchant which isn't particularly interesting, but eh)

Foraging and TH expeditions from boxes are... kinda bad. They don't scale with anything so there's no reason to do them in any situation except solo.

Payout was... sort of decent, before pillaging got a buff, and then got a major buff again later. Now they're probably worse than Atlantis, which is impressive. The larger ship ones were never really worth doing.

IO's weaker brother, featuring a way to damage your enemies before the fight starts. Hasn't held up well since other moneymakers got buffs either.

Brigand King (compass)
They're... ok? The ability to spawn a BK at will punishes you with always giving him a full boat, but that can be worked around a bit (which pretty much always happens) with hoppers. Not the most interesting thing in the world, but they don't need much adjustment.

Sov's Suggestions
Suggestion 1
Increase payouts. The easiest, but not most interesting of solutions. Would at least make them worth doing again.

Suggestion 2
Reintroduce some weekend events (or something new that works similar / throw out some new ideas)! They were a thing and were fun in 2013, they could be fun now! Bring some of that variety to the ocean as also attempted with the SMH rotations on Obsidian, but in a way that actually makes people do things they normally wouldn't! Probably my favorite of the three suggestions.

Suggestion 3
Potentially interesting, but I don't feel like we need more activities with loot tables. Some sort of (weaker form of) lavish locker could be ok, considering expeditions are meant to be done during pillaging and those are pillaging rewards. IOs, VRs and BKs already have their trinket rewards, foraging has chests (though they're poe-only, the occasional lavish item/trinket could be added, and chests could potentially be added to TH, but I think they're fine without)
TriplePat, Joining the great obsidian migration.
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Re: Expedition Changes (Buffs) Reply to this Post
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The game has literally been the same for the past amount of years. I like the suggestions but it seems a daunting task to implement anything but new fams and new cosmetics in this game anymore. So much small changes can improve the QOL of this game but alas..
Saviour, Meridian
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