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Steam Downloadable Content Packages Reply to this Post
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I couldn't seem to find any thread with this suggestion/topic, so I apologize in advance if it has already been discussed.

I noticed The Dark Seas has 4 downloadable packages, amazing packages if I may add. And I hope to have funds to buy them on one account at least in the future :D
What I also know is that once a DLC has been bought at Steam, the system implements it for the game and you cannot buy it any more (that is to say, if I've interpreted the information I found about that correctly).
However, PP Dark Seas DLC's are character bound instead of account bound.
In other MMORPG's that have DLC's or expansion packs, usually there are a few things that are account bound instead of character bound.

In that light, I'd like to suggest the following:
Option 1: Can the Eminent pack be made account wide, instead of character bound?

I can totally understand why the other three packages are character bound, no problem with that. But it would be good to have the Eminent package account bound especially because of the Labor Badge and the Officer's badge.

Option 2: If the complete package can't be made account bound, can at least the Labor Badge and the Officer's badge be made account bound?

And while we're at the subject of DLC's, might I add a few suggestions:
1. Repeatable DLC's (or numbered or something): That way you can buy them for multiple pirates on one account.
2. Doubloons Starter pack to get you started with a few basic things that starting out pirates can use. For many things you need doubloons to get it delivered (like whisking potion) after all.
3. Pirate Starter pack with a few basic things like a large flask of whisking potion, maybe a bludgeon or two, a simple sword.

Well, that's it from a former sub going greenie on a doubloon ocean :D

Have fun!
~regards, Ilse~
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Re: Steam Downloadable Content Packages Reply to this Post
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If multiple pirates on an account had permanent labour badges, it would cause a further imbalance to the economy. Not having to cover the in-game cost of labour badges would mean you can disregard the labour cost if you run a stall or shoppe, giving you an unfair advantage on price of products over those employing workers at a rate that pays for their labour badges (and more). Even the single perm labour badge gives an advantage - a more restrained one true, but an advantage over a non-DLC pirate nonetheless.

Perhaps there is potential for a DLC pack to have a permanent parlour badge as a replacement for the permanent labour badge for those differently-talented pirates?

A "starter pack" of doubs in the DLC packs is a potential idea for a bit of freedom in how you get your pirate going (no perm badges), although I'd put a condition on it that they're not tradeable on the exchange or to other pirates, and thus can only be used to make in-game purchases (ensuring the doubs are sunk, rather than exploited).
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