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multiclienting question Reply to this Post
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(Cerulean) When I run the foraging ship I have Junkyardd there while I do more interesting stuff. I overlap the windows like this:

Starting a couple of months ago, at random inconvenient times, like in the middle of a sf or when typing in chat, they decide to switch which one is on top. It also happens if I have a spreadsheet open to update my shop data. Is this likely to be a windows problem? I tried Google search for similar problems but didn't find anything. Or is it possible it is a game problem? My spreadsheets are Google sheets opened in Firefox. My daughter suggested this:
but it didn't change anything. It is more in the annoying category than totally preventing me from playing but if anybody else has had this & knows the answer, I'd appreciate the help.
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Re: multiclienting question Reply to this Post
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I think this is a windows 10 issue I have this happen from time to time in things that aren't ypp but haven't bothered me enough to look for a fix =/
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