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[Writing] The Zoo Heist 2 - Win an Elephant! (Entry Thread) Reply to this Post
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This is the Entry Thread for 'The Zoo Heist 2'. For more information, please refer to the Event Thread .
Ozzy, Retired.
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Re: [Writing] The Zoo Heist 2 - Win an Elephant! (Entry Thread) Reply to this Post
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(I hope this isn't too late! c;)

Although the nefarious Dr. Defeasiblility was unsure in his plan, he thought that he was invincible in his thoughts. So he planned and schemed for months and months before coming to an abrupt decision. Smack! The sound came out and he slammed his closed fist into his open wing. Oh, right, he had lost his arm in the last exploit where he planned on becoming a bird to rob a pigeon who had sorrowfully stolen something from him. So when he tried out his Make-A-Dumb-Fowl-Eat-Everything-Terrible... Or his M.A.D.F.E.E.T., it made only a single arm a wing... Terrible wasn't. But this exploit had nothing to do with that heathen of a bird, it had to do with a cat which would aide him in getting rid of that pigeon -- "ONCE AND FOR ALL!" -- ahem and the elephant who stole one of his delicious peanuts. Yes. He would get back at them, he would steal them away from the zoo, refuse to give the elephant any peanuts, and then put the elephant back in Africa where... -- "NO PEANUTS EVEN GROW! MWAHHAAH!" -- or, well I mean I think. Sorry, I am lying to this journal. It is me writing this journal, Dr Defeasibility! Mwahah! Let us continue. As I am now approaching the gates I shall pay like an ordinary citizen, but they don't know my true identity. Oh, oh my he knows my name! How did the securit- Oh he just saw it on my credit card. How funny. I am approaching the Elephant exhibit now. Hehe, they wont even see it coming as I throw my, Catch-- Hey this stupid kid is asking about my wing. Damn it, that kid wouldn't go away, his misappropriated actions toward me will cause his downfall, let it be known that dumb kid will pay for his crimes! Now, to throw one of my Possibly-Awesome-New-Trapper! Or better known as one of my P.A.N.T.s at the elephant! OH NO. OH NO NO NO NO, maybe I can at least get the cat before this elephant catches up to me. It remembers me, my device just moved it five feet, out of the cage. I am approaching the cat's small cage in the petting zoo, pfeh, easy, grabbing-- Ah, hey! I--

It seems this man was writing in this journal about this "heist" how stupid is this. He hardly made it far at all. He hardly got the cat out of the bag before the elephant made his first attempt irr-elephant. ;) It was a bit un-fur-tunate about his plan going awry, but I guess with a name like defeasibility he was doomed for Cat-astrophic failure! (Laughing is occurring between many of the security guards.) But I suppose the elephant in the room should get some credit too. (More laughter.)

// was fun writing! :D Hope you enjoyed my stupid puns!
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