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Joined: Jan 4, 2007
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Vessel formations/escorting/multiple vessel battles

[Obligatory apology about opening another PvP related thread followed by a statement that I couldn't find anything of the kind in the forums/yppedia list. Very weaksauce forum-fu? Maybe.]

Right. Currently, only way to stave away a PvP ship coming your way, is to hope that you're doing better at dnav aaand- oooops. Since it was an PvP hunting ship, it was filled with elite pirates, you're in battle. You're undermanned, you try to dodge, make a bad move, and now bilge is building up, your sails are slowly getting useless as the NPPs look at you with their empty gazes. Your only sailor does his/her best but with no success. Curses! You're at the bottom of the ocean now. Your stock, *poof* gone.

In real life, merchant ships would have been escorted by vessels designed to fight/protect/be overall discouraging for another vessel to attack. But since this is currently not possible right now, you either dnav well or you coordinate your sailing patterns with ships coming up and league points.

I know this is a long shot, and maybe impossible to implement at the current engine, is there chance we could see this sort of escorting mechanic? Either as a cannon fodder as the valuable vessel doesn't get into bnav screen or a mini blockade with however many vessels are on the each side. This of course could create some interesting opportunities with multiple vessel formations patrolling the waters, with their adjusted might rings (Maybe even multiple ship pillages? Pretty please?).

Now excuse me while I blindfold myself as I wait for the veterans to rip me to shreds on this thread.
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Re: Vessel formations/escorting/multiple vessel battles

You know, I've thought about this too. I'm trying to run a trading business with a friend and I wouldn't mind delegating the battles to escort ships that would be supposed to protect the merchant ship. Sure if they're beat then the merchant ship can be fought with and it's goods plundered. That's acceptable.

Vessel formations would be a mighty fine idea too. My only gripe with this is that since the game is so old this probably has been suggested and denied before. I'll check the Anti-List.
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Re: Vessel formations/escorting/multiple vessel battles

Armadas/fleets have come up recently as a suggested change to PvP on Obsidian: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?p=2712584#2712584
Such a feature could be useful on the other Oceans too.

The developer Cleaver liked the idea of armadas way back when:
The proposal wasn't so much denied as considered complex to implement.
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