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Dark seas suggestions

First off i want to say that i like that the game is back alive and kicking with pretty high numbers online. I do feel like they missed a good oppurtunity to get rid off the faults of the older builds of the game.

Delivery system with a (almost) full pvp ocean is making me not wanting to play as much and dedicated, in my opinion it would have been better if they would get rid of the delivery system and get all the cosmetic / skins / pets in cases worst case. (think about how much $ games make that use cases+keys to get random items).. Kinda like they do with the 9$+ purchases but then in-game with dubs only.
If they want to have dubs in game so badly that is.
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Re: Dark seas suggestions

There is an existing discussion about charging doubloons for cosmetic items only: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=207101
It does cover doubloons more generally than that though.

Please read the announcement thread for the rules of the Game Design forum.

There are many resources which may be helpful in finding existing discussions to continue:
  • The Anti-list of ideas disapproved by the Game Developers. Note that they're not totally ruled out but the Game Developers often had some fairly strong objections and any further discussion on such ideas should start by addressing these objections. Note that philosophical objections are pretty firm e.g. no personal firearms in Puzzle Pirates. By definition it means there is an existing discussion on the idea.
  • The List of ideas the Game Developers didn't react adversely to. As the game gets updated, some of the ideas may become obsolete or unnecessary. By definition it means there is existing discussion on the idea.
  • The thread Hermes started contains links to suggestion threads for furniture, clothing, pets, trinkets and trophies.
  • Commonly discussed ideas is a fairly comprehensive listing of previously proposed ideas. In general the Game Developers have not expressed approval nor disapproval of these ideas.
  • Search (in Game Design) to see if your idea has come up before. You may prefer to use Google or some other search engine that you're more comfortable with. You can ask for help with searching in this thread:
    Generally you may expect a response within 24 hours, though questions with hard to find answers may take slightly longer.
If there's an existing discussion thread to reply to and it's older than a few months, be sure to call attention to the age of the thread. Including the word "bump" when adding new material will do.
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