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Joined: Apr 25, 2014
Posts: 148
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Selling familars, pets, furniture, trinkets, misc Reply to this Post
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Unnamed parrot (aqua, lime) 1 million

Unnamed chocolate cat: 150k
Unnamed sea tiger: 600k
Unnamed plum seal: 150k
Unnamed gold seal: 50k

Ancient bust (new): 75k (2)
Ancient rumjug (new): 75k

Ancient tablet (new): 10k each (red, tan, grey (3), yellow, blue, lime, orange (2), brown (2), gold, lavender (2), light green (2), magenta, peach, light blue)

Archelon model (new): 5k
Atlantean seal (new): 5k

Gold banner (new): 5k each (red, white (3), grey, yellow, violet, purple, navy, lime (3), green (3), orange (3), maroon, gold, persimmon (2) )

Serpent banner (spring green, banana) (new): 75k
Serpent banner (spring green, wine) (new): 75k

Gilded bed (new): 5k each (yellow,white) (blue, white) (lime, white), (red,navy) (maroon, navy) (white,brown) (brown, brown), (grey,gold) (green,gold) (purple, navy)

Fancy bed (rose,white) (new): 10k
Fancy bed (blue, black) (new): 20k
Fancy bed (lime, green) (new): 5k
Rowboat bed (rose, white) (new): 2k (2)
Rowboat bed (blue, black) (good): 5k
Bronze neckband (new): 75k
Small harpoon cannon (new): 5k each (5)

Jeweled chair (new): 10k each (orange, yellow) (navy,pink) (gold, maroon) (gold, mint) (orange, light green) (maroon, light green) (blue, persimmon) (gold, aqua)

Upholstered chair (banana) (new): 50k
Lacquered chest (banana) (new): 50k
Kraken clock (new): 1k each (green, blue (2), purple, white (2), violet, navy, aqua, lime)

Exotic canopy bed (wine, white) (new): 100k
Hanging fan (ice blue, blue) (new): 50k
Gilded bludgeon trunk (new): 5k each ( (violet, navy)(2) (navy, brown)
Gilded candelabra (new): (orange, green, blue (2), brown)
Gilded chair (brown) (good): 1k
Gilded drink rack (new): 5k each (yellow, purple)

Gilded easel (new): 5k each (orange, white) (purple, white) (persimmon,white) (orange, navy) (green, navy) (violet, navy) (navy, navy) (gold, navy) (persimmon, navy) (orange, brown) (maroon, brown) (lime, gold)

Gilded wardrobe (lime, white) (new): 5k
Gold crossed swords (new): 5k each (red, orange, yellow, green (3), blue, purple (2), white, grey, violet (2), lime, maroon, persimmon)
Gorgoynx model (new): 5k
Kraken sink (new): 1k each (grey, orange) (grey, mint)
Kraken throne (white, tan) (new): 1k
Kraken tub (new): 1k each (blue, lavender) (navy, lavender) (light green, maroon)
Lodestone compass (new): 75k
Pile o'loot (new): 10k (6)
Penguin idol (new): 10k (20)
Crystal seal (new): 10k (18)
Sofa (white, lime) (new): 1k
Sofa (pink, rose) (new): 5k
Mounted squid (new): 1k each (green (7), blue (2), violet (4), navy (4), aqua (3), lime (7), light green)
Gretchen goldfang statue (new): 100k each (navy, green)
Lacquered table (banana, white) (new): 75k
Taiko drum (light green, gold) (new): 20k
Mounted tentacle (new): 1k each (green, blue (2), grey (2), navy (2), aqua, lime (3), inky)
Triketos model (new): 5k (4)
Triketos model (good): 1k


Archeleon egg (sea green): 25k each (3)
Atlantean band (aqua): 5k
Trilobite (atlantean): 5k
Ippolito medallion (light blue): 5k

Knobby Coral: 5k each (white (4), black (6), pink, violet (5), purple (8), navy (2), blue (5), aqua (4), lime (9), green (2), brown, rose (8), magenta
Spiky Coral: 10k each (pink, magenta)
Clam shell: 10k each (red (9), white (2), black (8), grey, yellow, violet (3), blue (11), green, orange)
Conch shell: 10k each (yellow (2), purple (3), lime (8), green (2), orange (2))
Nautilus shell: 10k each (purple (3), blue (3), aqua (4), lime (4), maroon (3), persimmon (2))

Cursed isles:
Chaos brooch (sea green): 25k each (2)

Design: kraken tattoo (female) 10k each (5)
Design: kraken tatoo (male) 10k each (6)
Crabcat on Cerulean
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