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Joined: Jun 29, 2017
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Doubloon proposal for Obsidian

Dear friends,

We all know the current doubloon situation is unsustainable and will eventually turn away most of the new and old players. As the old pirates are afraid of doubloons eventually being 30,000 PoE again, new players find the game too expensive to buy any fun items and enjoy the game.

As Obsidian is a new ocean and a playground for new things, I propose a change to the doubloon system that could be a positive change, but that is ofcourse a debatable topic to be talked about here.

My proposal is a fixed price of doubloons around 2,000 to 2,500 PoE. Thus, there would be no option to offer doubloons for a specified price anymore. Doubloon supply is offered by the ocean.

This would be bring, from my view, the following positives:

1. The fear of everly increasing prices is removed.

2. The price is a price well prositioned against the yield from the various ways to gain PoE and would allow old and new players to gain wealth and spend their PoE on items fairly against the time and effort put in.

3. Players that have purchased doubloon with real money (RM) before, would do s again. It is still worth it (to sell the doubloons for PoE, or to actually spend them), also because the extra rewards offered.

4. Players that have sold a lot of doubloons around a higher price than 2,000 PoE in a hope to flip them etc, wouldn't be able to flip them anymore, but made their profit which in my opinion would therefore not be a problem as the benefits in the longer run greatly outweight the negatives.

5. I don't think it's a big change development wise.

6. More people can spend and buy items which would stimulate the economy on the ocean.

I've included a Strawpoll for your answers, but please discuss this proposal below.

If this would turn out to be a viable solution to our current problem and lives up to the standards the OM have envisioned for the game, the solution would have to be implemented as soon as possible as the situation is escalating.
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Joined: Jun 14, 2012
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Re: Doubloon proposal for Obsidian

After much thought about this issue as it will be the end of all dub oceans, and a visit to the subscription ocean here as what I found.

Subscription oceans are way cheaper to play for those who don't mind paying a little for the game, I have invested a few hundred in Emerald, and would have to do a lot more then that on Obsidian to play the way I like. You don't need a subscription to check it out, go shop stuffs so cheep and people are really nice.

The cost of a subscription is the same whether it is recurring or one-time. Subscriptions are available in several different durations...
1 Week: $2.95
1 Month: $9.95
3 Months: $24.95
6 Months: $44.95
1 Year: $74.95


As far as the dub crisis and it is a crisis as its chasing away veteran players.

Solutions I have come up with:

A price Cap as suggested by OP Best option in my opinion

Limit the number of dubs people can sell/buy in a week

Eliminate the Gold Boxes (allays cause a spike in Dubs)

Create Boxes that are sold regularly(monthly) or give a sloop or desired product (more then decoration) when dubs are bought (boxes allays drive down dub prices)

Eliminate Dubs altogether and charge Poe delivery charge/tax equivalent

Make Obsidian a Subscription Ocean

Those are my idea's or others I have seen as I spend more time in the forums then on Obsidian as I really want it to work.
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Joined: Jun 29, 2017
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Re: Doubloon proposal for Obsidian

Thanks for your response! If the doubloon price would be limited, the occasional Gold Box event, would not be a problem as the price is not able to raise.

To me the limiting of the price would be best as it is easy to implement and would not require a complete new setup of the ocean, where a subscription ocean would. Also, a doubloon ocean is more accessible and attractive to new players.

Whatever the outcome, it would be great to hear a developer's (e.g. Forculus) opinion on the matter of doubloon pricing and what the current situation will do to Obsidian in the long term.
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Joined: Jun 4, 2004
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Re: Doubloon proposal for Obsidian

Please read the announcement thread for the rules of the Game Design forum.

There are many resources which may be helpful in finding existing discussions to continue:
  • The Anti-list of ideas disapproved by the Game Developers. Note that they're not totally ruled out but the Game Developers often had some fairly strong objections and any further discussion on such ideas should start by addressing these objections. Note that philosophical objections are pretty firm e.g. no personal firearms in Puzzle Pirates. By definition it means there is an existing discussion on the idea.
  • The List of ideas the Game Developers didn't react adversely to. As the game gets updated, some of the ideas may become obsolete or unnecessary. By definition it means there is existing discussion on the idea.
  • The thread Hermes started contains links to suggestion threads for furniture, clothing, pets, trinkets and trophies.
  • Commonly discussed ideas is a fairly comprehensive listing of previously proposed ideas. In general the Game Developers have not expressed approval nor disapproval of these ideas.
  • Search (in Game Design) to see if your idea has come up before. You may prefer to use Google or some other search engine that you're more comfortable with. You can ask for help with searching in this thread:
    Generally you may expect a response within 24 hours, though questions with hard to find answers may take slightly longer.
If there's an existing discussion thread to reply to and it's older than a few months, be sure to call attention to the age of the thread. Including the word "bump" when adding new material will do.

Here is an existing discussion about doubloons on Obsidian:
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