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Swordfighting Counter Falchion Reply to this Post
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Specific swords counter each other and I wanted to share this knowledge.

How do I read this?

The Falchion A sends red in the center, it wins the game if the opponent can't clear it.

The Falchion B and C send blue in the center, they win the game if the opponent can't clear it.

No blue breaker: Win condition of B and C

Falchion A can't clear his center because the opponent sends it. Falchion B and C can still clear everything because Falchion A doesn't send blue.

No red breaker: Win condition of A

Falchion B and C can't clear their center because Falchion A sends it. Falchion A can't clear the left or right side (depending on the sword) because it receives red too.

What does this mean?

Falchion A suffers from its win condition whereas Falchion B and C don't.

This means that Falchion A droughts when Falchion B and C drought on their center thus it has one less color to finish them off with.
Falchion B and C can make use of all of their 3 colors.

Are Falchions B and C equally strong?


The left side of the board is always the dirtier side as strikes prioritize column 2'3.

It therefore would be smart to send red on the right (Falchion C) side instead of the left (Falchion B) side to ensure that the drought affects the Falchion A more heavily. A red drought still implies that other breakers are coming, so you want to keep the remaining clears as small as possible.

This means for the right side of the board:

Falchion B: Falchion A has easy access to Yellow.

Falchion C: Falchion A has easy access to Red.

Align this with the droughts (Falchion A relies on a red drought):

Falchion C >= Falchion B > Falchion A

Use this spreadsheet of Falchion patterns to find counter Falchions:

General rule for a Counter Falchion:

1) Center is a color the opponent doesn't send.
2) Left/Right side is the opponents center color.

In the pictured example:

1) Blue
2) Red

Have fun!

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