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Recovering an old account Reply to this Post
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Hi folks,

I haven't played in quite a lengthy period of time & after deciding that I'd like to come back and see what's new in the game whilst I have the time, it appears I'm unable to recover my original account because I'm unsure of the e-mail address that I used to register with. I was just wondering if there is any hope of me reattaining access to my old account, or should I just give up? The first letter of my e-mail address or something like that would probably be enough to jog my memory.

Grateful for any advice,

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Re: Recovering an old account Reply to this Post
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First, I have a question: Did you buy ANYTHING (subscription, doubloons) with real money? If not, your account is probably gone. They delete inactive accounts that aren't protected.

If your account was/is protected, my suggestion would be to send an email to support. If you gave them enough information (ocean, pirate name, anything you can remember), they might be able to give you the account name/email, if you can prove to them that you really are the owner of the account.

On a side note: I have a system set up where I can use any one of about 20 email addresses to sign up for something (including my PP email), and any time I get an email on any of those accounts, it funnels into my main email account. Setting up something like that may help you in the future.

Good luck getting your account back! I hope it works for you.
~Jamesh on Emerald
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