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Doubloon Ocean/Player Decline Rant! Reply to this Post
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First of all this is in fact a rant, it is not up for discussion or argument. If you are not prepared to agree with me then clearly reading this is of no benefit to you.

For starters. Doubloons are not a bad idea as far as condensing ones currency. I can understand by making it a "commodity" of sorts it allows it to play into the trade mechanic of puzzle pirates. Trade is a big part of what the game is about. The negative to this, is a large amount of the wealthier puzzlers create inflated prices that are absolutely obscene to make a profit. Don't get me wrong I would more than likely do the same if I had the funds to invest into a large quantity of Doubloons. The thing that is so bad about this is it makes new players have to work too damn hard to even get started out. On top of that the fact that everything to some extent requires doubloons (delivery fees, badges for puzzles, etc.) everything is extremely expensive. When you have to pay nearly 10-15k poe for a crappy pair of pants, where most of the, probably about 13k of that poe is doubloon costs. Also a home larger than a shack requires x amount of doubloons given the buy cost. For example to buy a manor/mansion (not like I will ever be able to afford one) it cost 160k PoE, and 160 doubloons on top of that. At the current Doubloons costs you are paying roughly 480k more on top of that 160k just to buy a home. Now i shouldn't have to keep giving examples you get the idea. I can understand the badges and since people play for free it is a way to monetize it for OOO. I do not agree with charging doubloons for everything though, another part of their Monetization. By doing so you are essentially make the game Pay to Win. Now moving on ----->

Secondly, one word. POKER. Poker is not the reason the game died, the community is to blame for that because all they ever did was play poker. Poker, along with all the other parlor games to my belief, were meant to be side puzzles people could play just before they were going to get off, or for tournaments. I guarantee they did not intend Poker to become the sole game puzzle to play, because "that is what pirates do all day is sit around and play poker". NO! Pirates pillage and steal and have a fondness for booty and killing (or sinking). They like to rumble and swordfight and become the best there is in the Seven Seas! So thanks to people only wanting to play poker, most people either lost too much money and stopped playing from frustration or made to much money and got bored from only doing poker all the time. Moving on ------>

Thirdly, SMH (specifically KH) has made pillaging pointless because you can make nearly 4x as much PoE or more in the same amount of time. I personally do not find KH enjoyable more than 2 times in a row, it is exhausting, but it is the best way to make money. Despite those who do enjoy KH, because of it being the best source of income for a new or returning player, i now play something i do not enjoy to make enough money to buy a stick in this inflated economy. Yes even a stick has a delivery fee! So another thing that has made pillaging secondary to it. Yes when i think about pirates i do think about mythical monsters and massive ship fights, but the main thing pirates do? PILLAGE! So unless you either increase the amount of PoE that can be earned from pillaging or reducing the amount made from Kraken Hunt, pillaging is obsolete once again! A possible solution to it destroying what the game is all about is making SMH only available on certain days or have it be random when a kraken appears so can happen 3 times in a week but you don't know what days. People will have to make the choice to either pilly on the days Kraky isnt around or not play.

There is nothing wrong with adding more content to give players more options so it doesn't get repetitive but when you make what the game was/is supposed to be about not the focus of the game, that is when you start having problems. I use to play on a sub ocean, still have my character to this day, though i just came back recently and decided to give doubloon oceans a chance since there is practically no1 on sub. I will admit i got a little tired of the puzzles and what not at times and would be bored, but back then before all this SMH, parlor games, you actually found real people to fight against in a voyage not bots. You actually had full crews of people either jobbing or members, people worked in stalls to help with production. A new player could come in and not feel like it would take them a month to even get a new wardrobe. The Oceans actually had players! i use to remember seeing my ocean never drop below like 2500 people even in the dead of night! So yes some people will try to say the game died because this or that, of old age. There are a lot of games out there older than puzzle pirates that have more active players then mainstream games that came out in the past couple years because they were/are fun! They are unique! they are friendly to new players and loyal to the dinosaurs too. So the game is too old, or it is for kids, or it needs better graphics is nonsense! For one the graphics and gameplay is what make puzzle pirates so unique. The game is kid friendly, i first started back in 2005 so nearly 9 years ago that made me 12 when i first started. I played the game with my dad. We started a crew but i didn't understand the mechanics as far as economy and politics go, so he ran our stalls and took care of that, and i ran a ship and pillaged! To master the game takes intelligence and knowledge. Understanding economy and politics. Understand the patters for puzzles. Things a younger individual does not fully comprehend. If you are telling me that 10 year olds understand these then yes it is a kids game, but you must not be from the same planet i am. The game needs to get back to how it was, it is all fine and dandy to have options, but until the game focuses back on its key gameplay features, and the community stops hopping on the band wagon with everyone else. The game will never be a jewel like it once was. You want to see the game have 2000+ people on during dead hours? then it is going to require the economy to be changed, require current players to do things other than take the easy way out with KH or waste their money on poker for 4 hours and do nothing else. It is going to take people actually pillaging and play the key puzzles, helping a crew loot others and hopefully see real people and not bots in the battles. These things will help make the game friendlier to new players, which for any game to stay alive it needs and influx or new players to make their way through, one thing YPP clearly does not have much of right now. So to get the ball rolling people need to share the game with their friends. I am not saying every single one of your friend is up and going to make an account, but i am sure a couple will at least check it out. You never know you might get yourself a new crew member.

Now that I have had time to cool off and get this off my mind, I am going to watch some Netflix on my Xbox now. Let us see how many people took the time to read this and actually comment. Those who try to argue with my statement, prepare to have me just skip over your empty words :)
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Re: Doubloon Ocean/Player Decline Rant! Reply to this Post
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I am assuming that your aim in posting this is to defend the game design, but encourage the players to change? If not this might not be the most accurate response, however.

1) Doubloons. Playing on a doubloon ocean should of a necessity be more expensive. Pre-paid mobile, for instance, costs a lot less than being on a post-paid plan. This is because prepaid does not guarantee OOO revenue. As such, in accordance with the risk that OOO take in producing essentially a free game, the costs must be higher, and judging by the amount of players that are on the doubloon oceans, this cost is preferred by the players as it allows them the freedom to play as they like and purchase when they want, regardless of how much harder you have to work. The reality of the negative that you described is that if players don't want to work 3x harder to get the same stuff, THEY SHOULD SUBSCRIBE.

2) Poker. Poker is non-existent (basically) on Cerulean. Because you do not need to earn money to play once you are subscribed poker does not have obscenely more players than any other parlor game. Poker is only big on the doubloon oceans. Again, if piracy games, pillaging and the like is your preference, then play on the subscriber ocean. I would almost hazard to say that poker is the reason that the doubloon oceans gained so many members compared to the subscription ocean, it made it possible to "get ahead" of the doubloons.

3) SMH does not wreck pillaging, nor does it replace it. Sea Monster hunting are puzzles that can be enjoyed by people just the same as any other puzzle. As long as people still enjoy playing the traditional puzzles (carp, sails, bilge, etc.) there will always be a place for pillaging. Personally I like the Kraken Hunt because it has a set and established time, 30 minutes. No other game on puzzle pirates has a time limit on it, thus enabling people like myself to plan my day and not feel bad about leaving at an inopportune time.

The tools are there for all of us to enjoy the game, but we (as humans) want more than is possible or practical. We want to ease of subscription life, but only if we can pay when we want to. We want to get lots of money, but get disappointed when things cost a lot. We want to have new players in the game, but demand any player to meet our elite standards otherwise they are not welcome.
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Re: Doubloon Ocean/Player Decline Rant! Reply to this Post
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In reading the rant, I see a couple of hidden and/or conflicting messages.

First - I see a conflict where the OP argues that doubs on the exchange cost too much PoE, but then immediately argue that too many people SMH because it is a better way to earn PoE than pillaging. Seems logical rather than problematic to me.

Second - hidden message... nobody wants to pay real dollars for doubs - they all want to buy on the exchange. Well... that's a choice. You are guaranteed a fixed price for doubs if you pay cash. The price hasn't changed in the eight years I've been playing. The exchange is completely player driven, and is a supply-and-demand system. By electing to play for free, you accept that you will have to work harder for doubs than the player who elects to support the company that provides the game. This is as it should be.

Third - hidden message... nice things in the game (fancy clothes, houses, etc.) are very expensive to obtain, and thus take a long time to achieve. Again, this is a player choice. If your goal is to have everything fast and easy, then you are playing the wrong game. If I had achieved everything I wanted in the game in a short amount of time, I would have stopped playing long ago through boredom. By making all the really cool stuff take longer to achieve, OOO has set the stage for me to be a long-time player. It took me four years to get my first fam - three years to get my first shop - 6 months to get my first non-foil sword... all things I worked hard for in game to afford. I also didn't waste a lot of my earned PoE on sinks like black boxes or poker. I set a goal for myself, saved up to achieve that goal, and felt GREAT about my achievement once I reached my goal. I then set a new goal. Try it. It's more fun than instant gratification.

Fourth - hidden message... it's someone else's responsibility to provide my fun. While I don't like the way some people play the game, I also don't let it ruin the way I play. If I want to pillage and no one is hiring, I host my own. If I want to SMH, I go looking for a chart (either in the bazaar forum or by pillaging) and run my own. If I only want to kraken hunt for 30 minutes, I hop on for one dip and then leave. What other players do or don't do doesn't affect what I do when I log in.

Lastly, to echo the previous post - if you don't want to puzzle for a couple hours to raise the PoE to purchase doubs on the exchange, either pay cash for the doubloons or move to Cerulean and subscribe.
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Re: Doubloon Ocean/Player Decline Rant! Reply to this Post
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Now approaching the point where declining player base is coming close to critical mass- kind of an inflection point where lack of enough players to support normal economy and core mechanics ie: pillages, shoppes, commodities, etc creates a snowball effect where the exodus itself drives more of the same.

Before hitting the natural 'end game' I'd throw my name in the hat to support a reset with all functionality as-is, sans poker (not interested in arguing the point but poker has only served as a key driver in artificially throwing economy off as well as the means of laundering- and I'll leave it there).

Us long timers have the most to 'lose' in a reset but this would be well worth it if it were coupled with an ad blitz to bring in new blood (as well as some old friends) at a time where the barriers to entry in a new ocean are less daunting and more FUN
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