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Can we talk Merchant Brigands? Reply to this Post
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Hey mates, I am seeking out the technical side of the merchant brigand spawning system. After scouring the YPPedia and asking around, I still need more info.

So far I have gathered from the wiki:
1. They spawn from uninhabited islands carrying goods exclusive to that market.
2. Their rate of spawn depends on the price offered of the commods they carry versus the distance traveled.
3. Small ships carry more rare commods while big ships hold the bulky goods such as hemp wood and other junk we don't really want.

All this info is good and such, but I want to know more, and this is where hopefully you all come in as I have a few questions:
1. What is the estimated rate of spawn for a merchant ship? One per hour or every 15 minutes?
2. Can this be increased if I jump on a stall and make a buy price of an item 9999 and have it spawn instantly?
3. Would they still spawn if no one is buying their commod at their target market?
4. What are some key islands I Could sit out of looking for merchant ships on emerald? I assume anegada and I have heard the moultrie-armstrong route is good as well.

I am terrible terrible absopositively garbage at searching for resources on the forums. Are there any past discussions of this that explain these, or anyone who has done research?

Thanks mates!
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Re: Can we talk Merchant Brigands? Reply to this Post
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1. No idea. D:

2 and 3. Years ago somewhere on Viridian, I was the only stall owner buying one of the ingredient commodities (iron, or wood, or hemp or something) and noticing this, I set to buy at 1 Poe. The stall was next to an uninhabited that spawned that commodity and I remember not being shipped anything for a week until I bumped up buy price to double the normal rate and boom, shipment within the day. :p

4. Well, uh, from experience on my base in Eagle Arch (Hubbles and Ilha), I sometimes get sugarcane shipments on Hubbles if I set buy price high. The other commodities are already provided locally from the two islands themselves.
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Re: Can we talk Merchant Brigands? Reply to this Post
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When lifeboats came out wood was desperately needed. People were starting to buy others out dockside. This revved up the spawn rate of wood. I got merchant bots bring me wood! I was like huzzah!

The more dockside sales and buys the more that comod will spawn. I no longer just transfer goods to my stalls, I always sell to myself.

If you want to know about merchant ships, buy the Old Salt at the inn a drink. Now the Wiki says they report merchant ships, but I am not 100% sure. I do know they will report player ships.

If you are looking for a certain comod then I guess you would need to hang out near an uninhabited island that spawns it.
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