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Indifference's River Frenzy! Reply to this Post
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To mix up our poker games a bit we are going to start a new event on Friday, March 21st.

This is more luck than skill, therefore we are hoping to have more non-pro poker players feel they can be involved.



Each game starts with 13 cards for sale- 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K and Ace- suits do not come into play- There is a limit of 2 cards per pirate, per game round. (This is subject to change)

Cards are 40k each to purchase. Send me a tell stating that you would like to play the RIVER game, at which point I will advise you on which cards have already been purchased. You would then purchase your card(s) from the cards available - Once all 13 cards have been purchased- the selling is closed and the game is played out.



Once you purchase your card(s) for a game you will be notified when all cards are sold and you will be encouraged to watch the game. In example, Say you purchased your lucky # 7 to win. I will create a LOCAL poker table with a witness as an opponent. The hand will be 'Checked' through the flop, turn and river. The RIVER card is the WINNING CARD.

If the river is the lucky # 7 you had purchased, you win and this is what happens next.


You will be lead over to a group of 5 boxes. One of these boxes contains a familiar. (It may be named, UN-named, tan or colored) The other four boxes contain a quality pet. (No Karkinos or such)
Now you will be asked to choose a box. The box you choose, is your prize. Good luck!


ALL 5 BOXES WILL BE REMOVED AND THE PRIZE THAT WAS WON WILL BE REPLACED WITH A LIKE PRIZE (a fam. with a fam or a pet with a pet) AND THE BOXES WILL BE PUT BACK. This gives you or someone else a chance to win a familiar every time.

If you have purchased numbers in the previous game, you are given the option to repurchase the same numbers for the next round at a discount of 35k each. If not, then the selling continues as explained above.

If you have any questions please send me a tell.

Hope you have as much fun as we did with this game! Look for your chance at the Inn or just send me a tell!

Stay Awesome! And stay fun!

~~ Seamystery
Captain of All For One
Monarch of Indifference
"Live, Laugh, and Lubricate"
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