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Joined: Nov 21, 2006
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Game mechanics with Skellies, Zombies, and Werewolves Reply to this Post
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If you try to join a fray twice on a computer with 2 different pirates and the game will tell you that you that you can't do that. ( from zombies the message is- HarR! SIllY pIRaT NoT KnoW iTT alrEddY iN FRaY!)
There is currently at least 1 player who is joining frays 2 at a time, using more than 1 computer to do it...
So if the mechanics of the game do not allow you to do something with one computer, is it allowable if you use 2?

Grannygrate - playing Emerald
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Re: Game mechanics with Skellies, Zombies, and Werewolves Reply to this Post
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The same fray, or 2 different frays, on 2 different islands?

If it's the same fray, I'd use /complain, if you KNOW that is what's happening.
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cmdrzoom said:

Anyone may demand answers of the gods.
Getting them is another matter.

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Joined: Nov 21, 2006
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Re: Game mechanics with Skellies, Zombies, and Werewolves Reply to this Post
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Talking about one person playing 2 pirates in the same fray. (He has admitted they were both him and that he was doing it, so it is not a question of mistaken identity.)

We have complained. Several of us have complained a fair number of times.

A hearty complained at each fray we saw one guy doing it until the hearty was warned about the number of complaints he sent in by the OMs.

Grannygrate - playing on Emerald
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Joined: Jan 29, 2006
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Re: Game mechanics with Skellies, Zombies, and Werewolves Reply to this Post
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Upon discovering a now widely known multi account user who is constantly present with two alts joined in a single island monster fray disregarding an extensive confrontation involving numerous PP community pirates present, the guilty party allowed us a moment of his.her time into his reasoning of their action. The claim were made that OM's have no rules against it and he would continue to take advantage of everyone regardless. Please keep in mind, this individual has been presented with non-abusive verbal backlash and open frustration from various members of the PP community. This issue had only escalated from the unwillingness desire to cooperate in a positive and friendly fashion, while acknowledging the concerns of all who were present at that time while openly admitting the usage of laptops and computers simultaneously during island monster frays.

Offering the individual a benefit of the doubt to correct the situation has led to ongoing complaints issued against all of his multi account alts conclusively recognized by PP community players who are interested in standing up for themselves and the social integrity of the game. Dishonesty and unfairness occurring daily which has been continuously abused for weeks on end appears to be wearing thin on a few of those who wish to see some form of justice action taken against the openly admitted multi account user. The effort conducted on behalf of all innocent parties by means of individual reporting has been utilized while keeping the positive spirit of the game alive. Actions which obviously demonstrate the desire to maintain a safe, enjoyable and positive gaming experience for everyone who supports PP honestly and fairly without taking any advantage of other PP community players by allowing themselves to stick their hand in everyone's pocket,.. jeopardizing these pirates odds obtaining those fun SMH charts,.. as well as the worst case scenario, being innocently booted from a fray while this individual remains in the fray and benefits twice as much than the rest playing while all the others work harder to earn the fray one (He often straight-lines one of the alts).

How bad is the problem? Only to what degree to you feel its acceptable including room for what is morally objectionable having myself witness this pirate in excess of x 15 frays per day. That's 30K as opposed to 15K if anyone who is reading this were present and also enjoy island monster frays.

The responsible pirate in question (often present using three alts simultaneously while leaving his main generally away from island monster frays, had recently taken a one day hiatus after the initial open confrontation which inevitably occurred. During this extremely brief break from abusing his PP community friends, all pirates aware of what had been occurring under the fair assumption that perhaps the positive guidance suggested which emphasizing on proper pirate code of honour (As indicated in a section of Terms of Service (ToS) Do Not Steal From Other Players) ... (insert sigh)... but to no avail. He has been caught red-handed again today, knowing very well his actions have been creating an on-going stir of negativism which the obvious guilty party openly declared as " his methods" of being successful and their view of the situation was acceptable by OM's (So he claims). Clearly, most honest pirates in game who enjoy fair and sensible opportunity would reject this theory of participating in damaging the social fabric of PP.

As I present this information to everyone who reads this post, I would further like to state that I have no record of previous conversations held in the presence of our moral challenger and those who participated in its lecture. However, I do have a new conversation which occurred with a new defence for his arrogant ways by including his little sister who now enjoys PP but only plays when he plays and she is apparently horrible at SF (thus, the straight-lines) and he has an alibi. My suggestion was that anyone playing on his account was still against ToS and could not be used to justify his current roles of openly admitting numerous times of his gaming habits. I then suggested she manage her own account preferably on a separate but these were merely suggestion folks. He cannot cover up the fact he has been behaving this way for weeks and because OM's will not link his IP he wishes to continue playing in this manner. Coincidentally his new excuse of " oh, its my little sister now and she straight-lines all the time " seems fairly irrational with respect no one could trust his integrity in the first place, and not to mention she only " plays" when he seems to be enjoying playing.

Call me crazy but I have my own new account to use and say hello from time to time. I created a character directly based on him called Frayfraud. What can I say, he inspired me. Ever see that old cartoon with the big beige sheepdog that sits on top the mountain watching over the sheep so the coyote can't make off with one? (I love that cartoon) Well, This sneaky coyote has been stealing sheep off everyone's farm and getting away with it. If he's admitted he multi accounts and now fears any retribution for his actions.. may as well think of a quick excuse and blame the innocent sister, I'm guessing.

I saved my most recent conversation thread on my private computer as it is against ToS rules to call people out for being a deliberate nuisance and fray thug thief. I will not present the personal form of multi account detection strategy I've adopted but I can openly declare as "my methods" which is currently being practiced to discover who these fray frauds are, but I must say it has been working productively well and accurate, specifically targeted towards those present using " suspicious behaviour " activity as my only rule when applying these independent investigation measures. Any seasoned PP veteran could easily apply similar in game measures which signifies that it does not require external sources or special advanced skills nor do you need to be a rocket scientist to discover who commits island monster fray fraud.

Now that this is out in the open for public discussion, I would like to hear more thoughts and suggestions. Are we expected to continue witnessing these actions with no repercussion? Does that mean he could do the same thing at a 2000+ poker table if he wanted to? He is notorious about " his method " and loves selling bulk charts at the Inn. He likely will continue without even stopping once to consider what his reputation developed into and he certainly does not appear to care what you think. When a game has become your place of feeling invincible taking advantage of everyone and getting away with it, how can that even be fun unless you enjoy bullying others? I'd file another complaint but I just can't risk breaking ToS rules when they appear to apply in his favour considering others are being requested to not pursue the matter as directed by OM's. That is just discouraging and rubs salt in the wound.

That's my beef.. oh and there's more.. but I'm crazy for still being here typing... maybe if others share something I can pick this up where I left off. Besides, there's 5 skellies on Starfish island. Luckily everyone's thorn in the side has not woken up yet,.. get a fair fray in while you can!!

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Re: Game mechanics with Skellies, Zombies, and Werewolves Reply to this Post
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Rather than theft it seems to me this violates section 6-14 in the legal text of the TOS.

[You agree not to:] engage in any behaviour that is contrary to the 'spirit of the game' as defined by Three Rings in its sole discretion. This includes the use of multiple characters or accounts to undermine or spy on competing parties, or to otherwise manipulate the game environment.

The game does allow you to join more than one fray with a single pirate in each. As the game prohibits the use of multiple clients in monster frays, he is using multiple computers to get around this restriction. Otherwise known as cheating.

However, I sent in a petition inquiring about frays and multi-clienting in general and the on duty OM "cannot give a definite answer[...] as each case it's different."
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Re: Game mechanics with Skellies, Zombies, and Werewolves Reply to this Post
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Thank you for finding that, EmpressTamar. Brianjd and I came to the conclusion that it violates the SOG clause, but I couldn't find anything else in TOS that prohibited it. Sounds like your clause is better yet. Because "Spirit of the Game" is so nebulous that it's easy to invoke and hard to prove.

And Blackteach, tell us how you really feel! smile
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